Finally, Some American Music!


So after taking advice from my mom and brother I have decided to start writing posts on word documents at our apartment so I don’t have to spend so much time at McDonalds. Now all I have to do is copy, paste, post and then I am set!
Picking up where we left off…bugs! Not only were we attacked by bugs at the restaurant but it seems like we are being attacked by bugs everywhere. All of us have been getting really strange looking bites. We came to a conclusion that the culprits were bed bugs but after our experience at Le Nautique, we have our doubts. Who knew Nice was infested with so many bugs!
On Thursday afternoon after school, we traveled to a little town outside of Nice called Eze. It is absolutely beautiful! The first thing we did when we got there was go to Fragonard, a famous French perfume company and factory. We took a tour of the factory and got to see how all their perfumes, soaps and cosmetics were made. We were all pretty captivated by the process and of course the smells caught our attention too! After the tour, we got to visit the gift shop. Every single one of us bought at least one thing in that store! Next, we walked up to the historic Eze which is a medieval, fortified town that sits atop a big hill overlooking the ocean. Everything in the town was so tiny because it was built so long ago and people where so much smaller. After walking around there for about an hour or two, we headed back to Nice and ate dinner at a little café in a square near our houses.
Yesterday (Friday), we visited a Russian Orthodox Church. This church is very unique because it is one of the only Russian churches outside of Russia. We had to walk a very long way to get there but when we arrived, it was stunning and it was so different from anything we have seen in Nice. After seeing how beautiful it was on the outside, we were a little under whelmed when we entered the church. Although it was beautifully painted and decorated, the interior is shockingly small. It was not like a normal church because in the Russian Orthodox tradition, the majority of the congregation stands so there was very little seating and the pulpit took up the majority of the interior. We were a little disappointed that we had to walk such a long way to spend so little time in the church but then again how many high school students can say that they got to visit the Eglise Russe in Nice, France. After visiting the church, we freshened up with some popsicles and headed of on another long walk to a restaurant that doubles as a bowling alley. We had a great pizza dinner even though we were served enough food to feed an army. Their individual pizzas were about the size of a medium pizza at Papa John’s or Dominoes! Bowling was SO much fun. Most of us hadn’t bowled in at least a year so we were pretty bad…except for Mr. Newman. Although he claimed not to have bowled for eight years, he blew us all out of the water. He probably won by more than fifty points. The best part of bowling was the music! There was an awesome digital jukebox that we pretty much took over! We all had an awesome time dancing to middle school era American pop music. I think we felt almost as if we were back home in that bowling alley!
Today, we finally got to sleep in and spend some relaxing time at the beach. No school until Monday, yes! It’s funny that we all volunteered to go to school in the summer time but it has been worth it. I feel like I am able to recognize and speak French more than I ever have.
Check back soon for a recount of our trip to Cannes. We are going tomorrow so I hope to have a post up on Monday.
Untill next time,

The Attack of the Killer Bugs

Still no internet at home so it looks like I will be getting to know this McDonalds pretty well! Lucky for me, it is by far the nicest McDonalds I have ever seen or been in. Looking back on these past two days, it seems as though a lot has happened but in reality we haven’t been through nearly as much as we did when we were traveling to Nice.
Yesterday was sort of an uneventful day. We went to class, ate lunch, and window shopped for about 5 hours. It was pretty exhausting because we did not go home before dinner but it was good because we got to explore even more! We all went to dinner together at a restaurant on the port called Le Nautique. Dinner was exquisite, everyone loved their food and Mr. Matanes even made friends with the people sitting next to us! We were waiting for our desert for what seemed like forever when we started noticing these little bugs flying everywhere around our table. It got to be a little ridiculous, and we began to freak out a little bit. We had to start killing the bugs and we counted about fifty of them on the table. It was so gross!!
Sorry guys, I had some technical difficulties and half of my post just got deleted!!! I am so frustrated, oh well. I have more to tell you about our trip to Eze and more about the killer bugs but I guess that will have to wait until next time since my computer is about to die! Stay tuned for news on Eze, and on our agenda is a journey to a Russian church and a trip to a French movie theater.
Au Revoir and until next time,

An Interesting Start

Bonjour tout le monde (Hello Everyone),
We are eight students who are rising seniors at Pace Academy and have traveled to Nice, France to further study French culture and language as part of the emerging Global Education program. We are staying with host families and attending classes at the Alliance Francais.
Well, all I can say to start off is that we have had an adventure on this trip. The eight of us together have had quite the share of chaos, excitement, nerves, and pretty much every other emotion on earth. Right now Mackenzie and I  (Jordan) are sitting at a McDonalds in downtown Nice.  We don’t have wifi at the house so this is the only way we can get on the internet. Sorry for the late posting, I will try to come here as much as possible to keep you filled in on our experiences!
I feel like we have been away from home for about a month already, I don’t even know where to begin! I guess I will start out by giving a short recount of our airport fiasco ( trust me, you don’t want to hear all the details). Allison, Michelle, Morgan, Carolyn, Mackenzie and I all arrived at the airport on time(Claire was already in France and Hallie  flew separately), the only problem we had was figuring out wheather to check our baggage all the way to Nice or to check it to Rome where our connecting flight was, it turned out that half of us checked the bags to Rome and the other half to Nice, all we would have to do was go through baggage claim an extra time, not a big deal, right? Wrong! After a smooth and comfortable flight to Rome, we arrived at about 7:30 Rome time and missed our connecting flight to Nice. We were all a little upset but thought nothing much of it. Turns out that we could not get a flight until 5:30 so we would have to wait 10 hours and not all of us could fit on the same flight. We had to split up and three girls flew straight to Nice while the other three plus the teachers flew to Munich, Germany and then to Nice. The last batch of us finally arrived in Nice at around 11:15 pm and after almost two full days of traveling, were completely exhausted!
The next morning (Sunday), we woke up and explored the city which is absolutely beautiful. Everyone is very pleasant, the weather is perfect, and there are lots of things to do! We discovered an ice cream place in what is called the “Old City” that we have visited every day since we have been here. We are all enjoying the laid back southern french persona by visiting the beaches and walking around the Old City. We even learned about the history of Nice as we went on a guided walking tour yesterday.
School has been a learning experience so far, it is a complete immersion process, none of the teachers speak english! We are all in a class with at least one friend, we were lucky enough to be placed together after taking a placement test! We had our first full day of class today and have already met many people of different nationalities, in mine, Morgan’s and Claire’s class there are Austrians, Italians, Irish  and some other nationalities that I can’t remember! That is really all the inside scoop so far but be sure to check back soon and stay posted! I tried uploading pictures but after sitting here waiting for about 10 minutes, decided to give up hopefully you will be able to see some soon!
Until next time,