Japan Day 1 recap

Hi everyone. Here we go!

We got to Hartsfield Jackson this morning at 4:30 AM this morning. It was deserted in there. We got through security very quickly and found that our terminal was literally directly adjacent from security. Didn’t have to walk far at all. Many people fell victim to the obligatory cup of starbucks, but I went for the hearty breakfast sandwich – cheese omelet with bacon ad sausage all in an egg twist roll. How ‘bout that for your last American breakfast?

After our flight, we ended up in Chicago. Nothing too exciting here, we had a 2 hour delay because something needed to be fixed on the plane. When I say this plane was massive, I mean it was MASSIVE. Here is a picture of it compared to and average airport worker.

Japanese baseball

It’s a lot like American baseball, but with lots of organized cheers led by trumpets, drums, and cheer directors. We were put up on the jumbotron several times – maybe because we keep yawning. Not that we’re bored with the game, it’s just the jet lag setting in. Tomorrow we’ve got a tour of several interesting neighborhoods.