Day 1 – 2011 China

Although missing Frances Fuqua, the Pace Academy Knights embarked on a journey across the world.

It’s been about seven hours and Pace Academy students- and faculty, including Mrs. Sibley’s sister – are still going strong. Eric, however has managed to trip one passenger, get reprimanded by a flight attendant because of limbs overflowing in the aisle while he was sleeping, and be kindly asked by the woman in front of him not to hit his screen to hard – it wakes her up. To add to Eric’s frazzling experiences with other flyers Mrs. Sibley had a terribly unfortunate accident of her own. First, however, I must give you background to her situation. You know those times when Ms. Smith tells you to read and take notes on articles she sends you, but really you skim the articles without taking a single note. Well, today I learned that Mrs. Sibley is NOT that kind of woman. In fact, she loves taking notes,and she loves her notes. And for those of you who are suspicious that Mrs. Sibley even took any notes at all, I can vouch that she did.  After taking part in what I thought were very interesting conversations with Mrs. Sibley, she left me bored and lonely only to bury herself in reading andnote taking on ancient China, but come on, who wouldn’t want to take notes on ANCIENT CHINA?!


Now that I am back home and have regular internet, I can post a few photos from the trip. We made it back safely without any problems, thank goodness!! I stole these photos off Facebook from Allison and Michelle who were taking photos non-stop. They get all the credit for all of the pictures. Enjoy!

 Us at the airport in Atlanta before take-off

View of the beach

 Nice Etoile-the mall

 Place Massena and the tram

On the red carpet in Cannes

 Russian Orthodox Church

 Soap making at Fragonard

 Boulangerie that we visited everyday

 Outside the Picasso Museum in Antibes

A Week in a Review


Ok so I lied when I said that I would put a post up on Monday…sorry about that. Right now it is Friday evening so I am only four days late (haha)! Well, we have been pretty much on the go non-stop this week. I don’t know what happened this week but we are all excessively tired, hence my lack of posting. I have neither had the energy to go to McDonald’s nor drag someone along to come with me. My lethargy combined with the amount of information that I need to write about has led me to create short little cameos of each day. Hope you enjoy!
We went to Cannes by train, some people were fascinated by the double decker trains! Mr. Newman said he saw Emile Hircsh. Everyone frantically ran around the open air market trying to find him. Of course, he was nowhere to be found. Ate lunch at a very fancy restaurant that was right on the beach. It felt like we were in a movie! Headed towards a cheaper private beach to tan for a little bit. Hung out at the Palais and got our picture taken on the red carpet. Became exhausted from the heat and headed back to home to take a quick catnap. Feeling rejuvenated, went back to our favorite square in the old city and ate dinner and had ice cream at Finnochio’s.
Back to school, quel dommage! Met some new people who came into our classes. Ate a very French lunch (baguettes and brie cheese) mostly because it was very cheap. In the afternoon, went to a new part of Nice called Cimiez. Visited the architecture museum. Saw some ancient Roman ruins, were amazed by the Roman’s knowledge of modern technology and pondered the fact that there are Roman ruins in Nice. Went to the Matisse museum, which was spectacular. Saw a lot of photographs, paintings, and drawings of Lydia D. Observed a church with beautiful renaissance era paintings. Enjoyed the beauty of the park of Cimiez, buzzing with people and lined with olive trees. Ate a tranquil dinner with host families.
School in the morning. A little shopping in the afternoon. Snuck into our teacher’s hotel to go swimming in the rooftop pool which was very quaint and refreshing! Were treated to some ice cream by Mr. Matanes at his favorite ice cream place. Thanks Mr. Newman and Mr. Matanes! Dinner with host families then out for more ice cream at Finnochio’s (we’ve been eating insane amounts of ice cream on this trip but don’t worry, we are walking it all off).
School in the morning. Left school a little early in order to eat lunch and catch a train to Antibes. Arrived in Antibes and were amazed at how beautiful, peaceful, and clean it was. Observed all of the yachts and imagined ourselves in the future when we are rich and own yachts of our own. Had our breath taken away by a view of the sea outside of the Picasso Museum. Entered the Picasso Museum and admired his work.
School in the morning. Ate a quick lunch and departed for Monaco around 2:00.
Arrived in Monaco. Were overwhelmed by the heat and insane amount of tourists. Marveled at the palace and visited a museum of oceanography. Sprinted to catch a train home and crowded into a train that had no air conditioning. Dinner with host families. Went out to have a good-bye gathering for Claire who is leaving tomorrow morning so that she can be home in time to lead a service project at home.
Last day of school. Were sad to say goodbye to some new friends and our teachers. Ate a nice sit-down lunch on Rue Jean-Medcin. Went to the Museum of Modern art and absolutely loved it! Saw works by Andy Warhol and Cristo. Got some ice cream. Said goodbye to Hallie and Carolyn who both have different travel schedules then the rest of the group (Good luck getting home Hallie and have fun in Provence Carolyn) Last dinner with host families. Time to start packing!
This is my last post and I don’t think I will be missing McDonals’s so much! Thanks to everyone who has been following the blog, I hope you will help support Pace’s Global Education Program as it has given us a wonderful opportunity. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for a flight to Rome and then after a night in Rome we are headed back to Atlanta in the morning. Wish us luck! Let’s hope we don’t have the same experience as we did coming here.
I just want to say a huge thank you to Ms. Anderson, Mr. Newman, Mr. Matanes, Mr. Gannon and Mr. Assaf for making this trip possible. We have all had so much fun and have learned so much from this trip. I personally have learned that I want to keep studying French in college, and I know that we all had the time of our lives. This is a trip we will always remember.
Bon Voyage,

Finally, Some American Music!


So after taking advice from my mom and brother I have decided to start writing posts on word documents at our apartment so I don’t have to spend so much time at McDonalds. Now all I have to do is copy, paste, post and then I am set!
Picking up where we left off…bugs! Not only were we attacked by bugs at the restaurant but it seems like we are being attacked by bugs everywhere. All of us have been getting really strange looking bites. We came to a conclusion that the culprits were bed bugs but after our experience at Le Nautique, we have our doubts. Who knew Nice was infested with so many bugs!
On Thursday afternoon after school, we traveled to a little town outside of Nice called Eze. It is absolutely beautiful! The first thing we did when we got there was go to Fragonard, a famous French perfume company and factory. We took a tour of the factory and got to see how all their perfumes, soaps and cosmetics were made. We were all pretty captivated by the process and of course the smells caught our attention too! After the tour, we got to visit the gift shop. Every single one of us bought at least one thing in that store! Next, we walked up to the historic Eze which is a medieval, fortified town that sits atop a big hill overlooking the ocean. Everything in the town was so tiny because it was built so long ago and people where so much smaller. After walking around there for about an hour or two, we headed back to Nice and ate dinner at a little café in a square near our houses.
Yesterday (Friday), we visited a Russian Orthodox Church. This church is very unique because it is one of the only Russian churches outside of Russia. We had to walk a very long way to get there but when we arrived, it was stunning and it was so different from anything we have seen in Nice. After seeing how beautiful it was on the outside, we were a little under whelmed when we entered the church. Although it was beautifully painted and decorated, the interior is shockingly small. It was not like a normal church because in the Russian Orthodox tradition, the majority of the congregation stands so there was very little seating and the pulpit took up the majority of the interior. We were a little disappointed that we had to walk such a long way to spend so little time in the church but then again how many high school students can say that they got to visit the Eglise Russe in Nice, France. After visiting the church, we freshened up with some popsicles and headed of on another long walk to a restaurant that doubles as a bowling alley. We had a great pizza dinner even though we were served enough food to feed an army. Their individual pizzas were about the size of a medium pizza at Papa John’s or Dominoes! Bowling was SO much fun. Most of us hadn’t bowled in at least a year so we were pretty bad…except for Mr. Newman. Although he claimed not to have bowled for eight years, he blew us all out of the water. He probably won by more than fifty points. The best part of bowling was the music! There was an awesome digital jukebox that we pretty much took over! We all had an awesome time dancing to middle school era American pop music. I think we felt almost as if we were back home in that bowling alley!
Today, we finally got to sleep in and spend some relaxing time at the beach. No school until Monday, yes! It’s funny that we all volunteered to go to school in the summer time but it has been worth it. I feel like I am able to recognize and speak French more than I ever have.
Check back soon for a recount of our trip to Cannes. We are going tomorrow so I hope to have a post up on Monday.
Untill next time,