Greece day 10

Last day here in the land of mythology. We all woke up fairly early in Athens to go tour the Acropolis museum which holds the supposed mask of Agamemnon, a very powerful leader who once successfully ruled the Mycenae people. There were also many other artifacts that consisted of much gold and bronze detailed handy work. There was also an Egyptian Section to the museum along with much other fascinating historical civilizations and also the first computer. After this museum we headed off to a delicious restaurant where I had an incredible smoked salmon caesar salad smothered in mustard sauce. Mick also enjoyed a fabulous pizza with 5 different cheeses. The 2nd museum was the Acropolis Museum, which was actually built on top of an excavation site of the Mycenaean people. The majority of the floor was glass, which was quite a thrill, because it had the illusion that you were almost floating above the site. The majority of this museum was about the Parthenon and they had multiple artifacts from it. After this adventure a short rest at the hotel followed. Then we all traveled over to a great dinner at a small place that a actually was under the city streets. We all deeply enjoyed that. Next we had about an hour and a half or so to explore, shop, and eat gelato which seems to have become our little tradition after lunch and dinner. Now it’s off to bed to gain some rest for our 4:20 wake up time tomorrow morning. This has been nothing less than an amazing, fun-filled adventure with Mr. Assaf, Mr. Anthony, and Ms. Peterson. We could not of asked for anything better and we all deeply appreciate the time and effort you have put into organizing this outstanding trip. We all thank you again and hope you have a ball on your next one!

-Mark H. and Mick A.






While everyone was taking a nap at the hotel, Ms. Peterson, Chris, Michael, and I all went to the subway to find a Greek sandal maker. The shop was full of hand-made leather goods. Ms. Peterson and I both got handmade sandals that the shop owner fit specifically to our feet. I also bought a really cool handmade backpack. It was a really cool excursion and I’m really glad I went.

Greece day 9

We woke up on Crete and, after breakfast, we headed to an ancient monastery hike. Our first stop on the trail was a huge cave that had been worshipped in for a very long time. In the cave was a rock that had supposedly once been a bear, but because it was chasing a saint, God turned it into a stone. There was also a shrine to the Virgin Mary there. Farther down the trail was an ancient monastery that had been built into the mountain. One of the rooms still had windows and a door so you could still see the paintings on the wall. The other rooms were not so well preserved but we did find one room with a full grown tree growing through the middle of it and a dead goat-ewwwwww. At the site was also a really old bell (that I rung :P) and a water well. On the way back up the mountain found a shrine in a cave off to the side. It seems like whenever someone finds a big enough space they put a shrine there-it makes everywhere seem a little nicer. We thought going down the twisting trail was hard enough( it was covered in slippery, uneven rocks) but going up it was even worse. It was like a stair master 5,000,000! But once we got to the top the monastery down the road was full of cooler air.
This monastery was so beautiful. The outside was amazing- covered in flowers and other plants but the inside was spectacular. The entire sanctuary was covered in gold, silver, colored glass, carved wood, and hand painted paintings. We had such a great time.
Next we drove to the airport and checked in. After grabbing lunch we boarded the plane, and after being in the air for twenty-five minutes and eating some amazing airplane food( I’m not being sarcastic) we landed in Athens and drove to our hotel.
We slept for a little but then went to see the Parthenon. It was so amazing to see the giant structure still standing. They’re currently restoring it so it had scaffolding all around it. I can’t wait to see it once it’s restored. We also saw the Theatre of Dionysus and an amazing view of the city.
For dinner we went to a really pretty restaurant with amazing food (I had the Moussaka) Quin and Mia went into an ice cream shop to get dessert but we had to go so they had to cancel their order. Let’s just say the owner wasn’t too happy about that…. Then went to the site of the first modern Olympics. On the way back to the hotel we stopped for gelato and hung out outside for a little. When we returned to the hotel we all went to our rooms and crashed after a very long day.
~written by Tory D. and Quin














Greece Day 8

We actually got some sleep last night. I must thank our chaperones for letting us sleep in. We woke up and went to breakfast. This might be surprising but we actually had breakfast in our chaperones rooms instead of at the hotel. Anyways, after breakfast we went to Chania (pronounced Hanya) and explored the city and bought some cool souvenirs. Chris, Michael, Graham, Ryan, and I spent some time in a jewelry shop like real men and bought some stuff for our moms and/or sister(s). For spending so much time, and money, in the jewelry shop the employees each gave us a silver pendant for free. After the jewelry shop we went to a weapons shop. Might I say that there were some sharp weapons. After the weapons shop we went to a wallet shop, didn’t know they had one of those, and Chris bought a wallet. After that we went to a bookstore and bought some cool books. Once we had used up all our free time we went to the dock and boarded our glass bottom boat to go snorkeling. On our way to our snorkeling spot we passed an island that was inhabited by a type of goats that only exists in Crete. On top of that island there was a fortress. Also on our way to the snorkeling spot we passed over a German plane that was sunk. There wasn’t much of it left though. At our snorkeling spot we went snorkeling for a bit then went to shore. Once at shore, Mick, Chris, Mark, and Quin started building sand castles. While they were doing that Michael and I tried to catch fish with our hands. It wasn’t very successful. After that we started catching hermit crabs. Once we were back in the water the guide took us all over the place. He picked up shells for us and poked at fish so we could see them move. He gave me a sea urchin shell. After many mouthfuls of salt water he finally showed us the octopus. As he was bringing the octopus up, it started squirting ink. The guide put the octopus on all of us. It ended up inking on Graham. The feeling of an octopus on you feels very weird. It isn’t as hard to get off as some people think it is. We got back and had dinner at Bahar again. Even though it was our second time, the food still tasted great. It was a very long day, but we had tons of fun and couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

– By Jonathan Boss
















Greece Day 7

Day seven started out by going to Knossos. It took about 2 and a half hours to drive from our beach side resort to the legendary palace. Before visiting the actual site, we went to a restaurant right outside the entrance. The restaurant had many tasty foods and drinks. For instance, Mick ordered a vanilla smoothie and Michael ordered some snails. In the site we saw many replicas of ancient paintings that used to be in the palace. We also saw the oldest road in europe.






After the site we went to a great beach filled with soft sand. There we played a cool game with a paddle and tennis ball. We drew our own lines for our “homemade” court. After a fun afternoon at the beach, we went back to the resort to change clothes and go out to a quaint little restaurant near the beach called Bahar. The food was unquestionably the best food we had experienced in Greece yet. After a fun filled night filled with mirth and laughter, we traveled back to the hotel and called it a night.

– Christopher Howard and Michael Chen