First day in Delhi

Greetings and salutations, America!
Today was a fabulous day full of Delhi fun! We started off the morning with a delicious breakfast at our hotel, then we all piled onto a bus with our tour guide. He first took us to the “Tower of Victory”, which was beautiful and very interesting– it was built in the 11th century! It was real hot, y’all, but that was no surprise. A big shock, though, was the amount of people staring at us and taking our pictures… It happened all day long! Next, the gang headed to a local restaurant where we ate pizza (we promise we’ll try real Indian food soon!).

Great Day at Poas Volcano

Today we headed up into the higher elevations to see Poas Vocano. Although we were in the clouds at well over 8,000 ft., we were fortunate to have some sun and an amazingly clear view of the main crater which is more than a mile across. (It reportedly is the second largest in the world.) From the main crater we hiked to Botos Lake, which formed in one of the volcano’s extinct craters. Our guide Javier pointed out the interesting flora in the area of the volcano. The leaves of one of the plants were almost the size of Lauren and Amber!


Lunch en route to Poas Volcano



The main crater of Poas Volcano



Boto Lake at Poas Volcano



Greece Trip Back in Action

Hi All,

Just wanted to report that the whole crew is now safely at our hotel in Delphi as of 3am. The kids were delayed for three hours in Atlanta where the plane sat on the runway away from the terminal. They therefore missed their connecting flight in France and did not arrive in Athens until just before midnight. However, Mrs. Abrams and the flight attendants agreed that the students were all unbelievably well behaved, mature, and flexible throughout an incredibly long day. Bravo to Deirdre for getting all the kids through the Delphi with patience and grace. We are ready to restart the journey tomorrow!

– Graham Anthony