Waiting for the Shinkansen

Although we hate to leave Tokyo and out little neighborhood and new friends, we are excited about Kyoto and glimpsing traditional Japan. Currently, we are waiting for our bullet train to take us there. We bought bento lunches an are ready to go. Perhaps we will see Mt Fuji if the clouds clear off.




More on the school

We just finished an amazing experience at the Seigakuin school. The boys did kendo and were given real kendo swords with their names engraved on them! The girls were treated like Rick stars and made many instant friends. This was a day no one will forget.

We are now off to karaoke! Pictures and details from the kids will follow tomorrow as we journey to Kyoto.

Seigakuin school

The boys and girls have split and are visiting the Seigakuin school. I think everyone is finding that people are the same notated where they are from. Music, games, sports, and school are the great commonalities of adolescence. Our hosts are very gracious and very interested in us. Mark really loved his Japanese school lunch. The boys got the chance to critique se Japanese to English translations.