A long day, lost luggage, sights, chicken, veggies, and chocolate!

Most of us have been up for more than 24 hours now, and my bag hasn’t made it here, but nobody really cares because this place is beautiful. We are staying at a quaint little B&B in the heart of everything, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Upon our arrival here we met with our host, got situated, and headed out to see some of the sights.  While we have so much more to see, we did get to see the parliament building, and a very moving memorialimage2 called Shoes on the Danube Bank.  I won’t spoil it, but definitely look it up, or better yet, get to Budapest to see it!  After our short excursion, we had the most wonderful dinner at the restaurant below our B&B.  At dinner we learned a couple of things: Jeb can eat fried cheese when chicken is the only other option, Robert hates vegetables and survives mostly on cheese quesadillas back home, and when the menu has an “apricot pancake” on the menu for dessert, the kids insist that chocolate can be substituted…and THEY WIN! We also learned that the boat tour we had planned for tonight isn’t happening because the students can barely keep their eyes open.  They best figure something out because Ms. Smith has insisted they work on their papers for the summit…..somehow I think she’s going to win that battle tonight.

Until tomorrow…..

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