Day 8

Today the group woke up in the hostel in Interlaken. We headed down to breakfast hungry and ready for the busy day ahead of us. After breakfast, we all split up and headed into town to do some last minute shopping and touring. After a chill morning we said our last goodbyes at the hostel and headed for the train station. We were on our way to Zermatt to enjoy a night in an igloo. The train ride had beautiful views and felt long because we were so excited for the fun night. Once we reached Zermatt, we all split up and walked around the town just to get the feel for things. The town was a typical ski town with cute shops and restaurants. Suddenly it was time to go up the mountain to meet the igloo group. Once we reached the top of the mountain there was a large snow storm, therefore we had to take a snowplow to the igloo. We enjoyed the views as the cold air hit our faces. We reached the igloo in delight and had a tour of the entire village. The igloo was amazing and made us even more excited for the night. Dinner was fondu in the igloo. We all sat around a table and had very broad conversations. After dinner we went out into the foggy night and snowshoed. Even though we hardly see anything through the fog, being surrounded by snow was pretty enough. After the tiring snowshoe walk, we hundled around the fire before heading to bed. After being warmed up by the fire, we headed to bed in the extravagant igloo hotel. Even though we had a little trouble falling asleep we were all went to bed happy and excited for the next day.


by Catherine Crawford

Geneva, Switzerland ICGL

Today we spent our last day exploring Geneva, Switzerland. We started of by taking a train from Zermatt to Geneva. Once we arrived we checked in to the beautiful and amazing Hotel Warwick. We then went to take a tour of the United Nations. However, we unfortunately did not make our tour time. We stayed positive and flexible and we went to see one of Geneva’s most talked about attractions the Flower Clock. It was a beautiful clock made out of colorful flowers right next to the stunning lake. Afterwards we went to the delicious pasta reasturant, Fabbrica Pasta. Enzo, the owner originally from southern Italy tought us how to hand make pasta. We then sat down and enjoyed all different types of pasta all which were splendid. We finished of the meal with outstanding apple crumble and crème brûlée!  We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Geneva.


Wow!  What an amazing trip with an even more amazing group of students!  I thought I would get to blog much more, but spotty wifi and 16 kiddos who always feel the need to snapchat or post to their ‘insta” (I’ve learned that’s what they call Instagram on this trip) make it hard to get a reliable connection for long.

We started the trip in Cape Town with a ferry ride to Robben Island.  Robben Island’s most famous prisoner went on to become President Nelson Mandela.  Our tour guide (and all of the Robben Island tour guides) were also former prisoners, and it was amazing to watch our students take the whole experience in.

We have spent the last several days in Mossel Bay where the students have worked as interns with Oceans Research.  Oceans is one of the world’s leading groups on research of the great white shark.  Tonight, under a beautiful South African sky, we had a braai (if you don’t know what that is, you should look it up 🙂

Tomorrow we get up for our last half day here in Mossel Bay, then we start the last half of the trip which will take us to Schotia Safaris, a very well known game reserve in South Africa.  I’ll do my best to post some pictures, but for now, here’s this!






Switzerland 2018

After lunch, we went tubing down a hill in the snow. It was really fun, even though we fell every time. Then, we took the gondola down the mountain to catch the train ride. The beautiful scenery made the ride even better.  Soon after we got off of the train, we said goodbye to the tour guide and got ready for dinner. We had dinner at La Cucina, an Italian restaurant. After we ate, we returned to the hotel and wrote in our journals about the amazing day we had. This was the whole group’s favorite day so far. 

Day two in Lucern!!

Today we went to Mount Titlis and experienced so much more than imagined!! First, we departed the hotel and walked to the train station where we took a quick trip to Coop. On the train, Alexandra, Morgan, and Thea sat together and Nikki, Clare, Laura, and Catherine sat together. Once we got to the mountain after a 50ish minute train ride, we saw how cheese was made. It was really cool, but somewhat disturbing. They had to drain it and smush it together. We left that shop and went up to the mountain on gondolas. It was super windy and cold. Once we got inside we went into glaciers. We were surrounded by ice. It was so cool, cold though. Afterwards, we headed towards the shops and got chocolate and souvenirs. We hauled our souvenirs to an igloo and got fondue. Thea is a princess so she doesn’t like to eat the crusts of her bread and everyone got mad at her. It was a super fun day and was definitely my favorite!!!