Switzerland Day 7

This morning we all woke up at 7:30 so we could eat breakfast at the hostel before going winter kayaking. We walked down to the train so we could ride to Lake Breienz. On arriving we put on fuzzy socks and yellow dry suits that made us look like astronauts. We carried our kayaks down to the lake and got in! We paddled all around the lake and even played “evolution “ in our boats. We then paddled to an old castle where we took pictures and drank tea and chocolate. The view was amazing! At the end of paddling we all bought fuzzy socks and ate lunch next to the lake.

We then caught a bus to go paragliding. We were all super nervous but we ended up having a great time. We were given our pilots after riding up a mountain to take off. Our guides set out the parachutes and strapped us into our harnesses.

We jogged towards the end of the mountain but we all started flying before we got to the edge. As we flew we were able to see everything below in such a new way. The houses looked like children’s toys and the mountains seemed smaller. Once we landed we moved on to our next activity.

Finally we went on a hike to see the “North Face.” The woods were snowy and beautiful and the evergreen trees were gorgeous.

All in all today was, in my opinion, the best day yet!

Switzerland 2018 Day 7

Today we left Lucerne to go to Interlocken. We had breakfast at the hotel and went to coop (a grocery store) to get snacks. The train ride was an hour and forty five minutes. We played the game Heads Up on the ride. When we got to the hostel, we split up to get lunch. One group ate Italian and the other group went to coop. After, we went back to the hotel. Originally, we were planning to go para gliding but it got cancelled with the weather so instead we took traditional photos. We dressed up and used props. After we walked around town to souvenir shop. Then we got bac to the hostel and went night snow sledding. Snow sledding was so much fun. Our guide was named Tommy. It was dark but not too dark. The whole trail lasted an hour. It was super fun. We all had a red light on a strap to see who is in front of us. After we finished, we went to eat fondue again at a place called Caotina. It also came with a salad, pasta, and applesauce. Then we went back to sleep.

Day two in Lucern!!

Today we went to Mount Titlis and experienced so much more than imagined!! First, we departed the hotel and walked to the train station where we took a quick trip to Coop. On the train, Alexandra, Morgan, and Thea sat together and Nikki, Clare, Laura, and Catherine sat together. Once we got to the mountain after a 50ish minute train ride, we saw how cheese was made. It was really cool, but somewhat disturbing. They had to drain it and smush it together. We left that shop and went up to the mountain on gondolas. It was super windy and cold. Once we got inside we went into glaciers. We were surrounded by ice. It was so cool, cold though. Afterwards, we headed towards the shops and got chocolate and souvenirs. We hauled our souvenirs to an igloo and got fondue. Thea is a princess so she doesn’t like to eat the crusts of her bread and everyone got mad at her. It was a super fun day and was definitely my favorite!!!




MS Switzerland Chocolate Tour and Scavenger Hunt

Enduring rainy weather, the group navigated through the city on a scavenger hunt, and tasted delicious chocolate. We went to a chocolate store named after the man who invented milk chocolate. We tasted delicious treats called luxemburgerlis, that look like mini macaroons. During the scavenger hunt, there were two groups, one of 3 and one of 4 with one leader each. The group of three was Morgan, Thea, and Clare. The group of 4 was Alexandra, Catherine, Laura, and Nikki. On the hunt, groups were required to visit a museum and take pictures to prove they visited. Morgan got yelled at in German for taking flash photography, and Catherine jumped in a ball pit on top of a baby. The group of 4 without any help, got on the wrong tram, and was circling for hours. With over 1,200 fountains in Zurich, each group was required to have a picture with at least 6 fountains. The water is so clean, that any person can drink out of any fountain, which reduces plastic bottle waste, going along with our conservation theme. Overall, these 2 experiences were very fun, and entertaining.

By: Morgan Neill

Switzerland Musical Theater and Conservation Museum

On the first night we went to a culture event in Zürich. We went to go see the musical Dirty Dancing. The music was in English but the dialogue was in German. Although we did not understand most of it, the acting was amazing, therefore it was easy to follow the story. It was a great experience. Then we went back to our hotel and reflected on amazing day. On march 10 we went to a conservation museum to learn about how the small things that effect the environment in large ways. Our tour guide gave us little tips about how we can help the environment. Some tips were to use reusable bags at the grocery store, eat less red meat, use tap water, and always recycle. The tour was very interesting, and an experience I will never forget.

Catherine Crawford