Day 8 

Today we took the Gaudi tour of Barcelona. It was absolutely incredible! We began by going through an apartment building he designed, complete with open courtyards in several places for sunlight. The tour ended at the indescribable Sagrada Familia, the unfinished cathedral. With a somewhat modern twist on the medieval style of cathedrals, this one truly left us breathless. The sheer size of it was awesome, by every inch of it was very deliberately and elaborately detailed. This was truly a highlight! 

Day 7

Yesterday we went to the Dali museum and his house! Maya and I loved the house the best because it had so much incredible art work and the outlay of the house was amazing! It had bright yellow flowers all over and everything was original. At the museum, we saw many creative and unique pieces of artwork. We loved how he was not afraid to go out of the box. One of our favorites was the face where when you look at it up close, it just seems like random face parts, but when you go up to the glass circle all the pieces fit together. Lastly, we loved the pixilated Abraham Lincoln piece. When you first look at it, it looks like blurry squares put together. Then, when you look through your phone, all the squares come together and make up Linclon’s face! We had an amazing time!

Day 5


 after breakfast we walked around Arles. We met up with pace alumn Jill’s son, Alexander, and toured the beautiful town. Our walk consisted of on the water walks and plaques with information of Van Gogh’s arts’ impact in the world. 






 Afterwards, we went to the asylum Van Gogh stayed at. There were so many gorgeous and colorful flowers there in the garden. The next stop was the coliseum, where we admired the view of France from the top and learned about the use of the famous building. After lunch, we went to a museum and walked around discovering new artifacts. For dinner, we went to a plaza and split up. We ate our separate meals. then we went to bed!


Day 4

On the 4th Day
We visited King Renae’s hunting place, and Jill showed us where some students visit the trees if they’re feeling a bit depressed. We walked to Paul Cezannes studio uphill and visited inside. After we sketched/watercolor painted/ or used pastels with what ever inspired us. I sketched the front of the studio which included the beautiful doors, steps with flower pots, and the vines draping over. Next we walked even further uphill where we could get a good view of the mountain. We picnicked with sandwiches and painted the mountain that cezanne painted. After being freezing cold(especially with the wind), we traveled down to get some hot chocolate and crepes. After, we went back to the hotel to rest. For dinner we went out for fondu and I had the chicken, turkey, and fromage (cheese). After that, we had a surprise scavenger hunt based on all we had learned with clues at each stop. Since it was also freezing with the scavenger hunt, all of the girls went out for dessert at a nice restaurant. I got hot chocolate and Profiteroles.


Today we went to where Cezanne had his audio over-looking the beautiful nature. we saw how he would have the north light from the sun coming in from the window would give a natural light for Cezanne to use while he was painting. After we toured the inside we went outside and got to sketch any part of the house we wanted to with water color or oil pastel. When we had all finished we walked to the place where Cezanne had painted one of his famous paintings of a mountain. we sat out there on the freezing wind and painted with pastel or water color and ate delicious sandwiches over looking Aix. After the art class we went to see a figurine shop where they had very small and very large figurines of the Christmas holiday. We got to see how they were made and how long it takes to dry and paint. Finally we went to a cozy cafe to have some hot chocolate and dessert if we wanted. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful day.