Farewell Scandinavia!

Our final two days in Copenhagen have been full of adventures and fun! It’s hard to believe our tour is done!

Our second day in Denmark began with a three hour bike tour through Copenhagen city and the harbor. We visited famous landmarks such as The Little Mermaid statue, the Rundetarn ( (round tower), city hall, Amalienborg Palace and the ceremonial changing of the guards, Nyhavn, and even the Kastellet (sort of the Danish CIA headquarters.) We stopped for lunch at the Papirøen Island, which is Danish street food featuring local, organic cuisine.  Later that evening we visited Tivoli Gardens, an amusement  park/garden, and found why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world. Such fun and surprisingly great food!

Our last day began with th culmination of our Viking skills as we set sail out of Roskilde in an old style Viking sail boat.  It took our crew a short time to get the rhythm of rowing as a unit but it all came together and we survived with no casualties! We then released the little Viking hoard on the citizens of Denmark for a scavenger hunt. They were challenged with finding and photographing themselves learning some Danish phrases from a local, engaging with a singing/happy Danes, engaging/joining in with a street performance, hugging a mermaid and more!  You’ll all have to ask Blake Maner about his machete dance with a local street performer! The winning groups got a prize for most creativity and first place finish. We also awarded students that were most engaged in the culture and first to jump at a challenge throughout our tour. Kuddos to these savvy and creative travelers!

We ended our amazing trip with a group dinner at Tony’s for some  reflection and yummy Italian food. It is clear all of us had a very meaningful and enjoyable experience and I am sure there are many more stories and pics that we just could not fit in our blog. Us teachers are very proud of our young Vikings! They were adventurous, curious, and tenatious.  All of our tour guides raved about how great a group they were! Definitely on their way to becoming confident global citizens.  We should all sleep for a solid week straight upon our return, but what an awesome way to burn some energy! Goodbye, Scadinavia! We are all forever changed for the better!



First day in Copenhagen! New Nordic Food tour

After disembarking the cruise ship, the Viking crew successfully navigated the city bus to the hostel located in Copenhagen city center.  We dropped our bags and headed out to Strøget Street for some lunch and shopping.  We then met up with our lovely guide, Maria, for the New Nordic Food tour. We learned that in 2004 a group of Danish chefs teamed up and created a manifesto for making good organic food accessible to all the people of Denmark.  The main ideas include the use of local, organic and seasonal foods while encouraging people to get back to preparing healthy affordable meals at home. Maria told us the average grocery bills went down from 60% to 11 % of their income! We tasted incredible local cheeses, the juiciest strawberries that are red all the way through, honey from the botanical gardens right across the street from the market, Danish sausages, and candy from a 100 year old shop. The candy store is still run by the same family and they still use the same equipment and roll the candy out by hand! This was a very enjoyable and informative experience for us all.