Day 10 – Tree House Village

At the conclusion of camp on Friday, the  Pace students took a bus from Puerto Plata to Samanà and arrived at the Tree House Village just in time for dinner. On Saturday July 29, we took an strenuous hike to a prestigious waterfall. The frigid water was quite refreshing after our prolonged trek through many different terrains. Afterwards we had an exciting experience at the zipline in Samana as we zipped from tree to tree; lastly we walked back to the village and cooled off in the pool. After dinner we celebrated Amalie’s birthday!      – Hunter Williams

Day 9- Camp Beach Day!

Friday was our last day of camp as well as the last day for Project Esperanza’a summer camp. Their school year will start in August. This was the day for the annual beach trip that Pace students have provided  for the past 3 years and the Haitian kids look forward to it all year! We all had a great time, and the Pace kids learned as much if not more than the campers. 

Day 7 – Exploring Muñoz

We had another successful morning at camp!  Pace kids taught the campers a secret handshake in circle and then got busy teaching the classes. Today’s activities included number bingo, clay creations inspired by “The Hungry Caterpillar,” and several fun vocab games. 

Once camp was over, our buddies joined us and we headed out for lunch and fun on the beach.Our next destination was Muñoz where we went to a batay which is a place where Haitians who cut sugar cane used to live. We teamed up with our buddies and some kids from the batay for a scavenger hunt. During the hunt, we got to really explore the batay and my team won!  There was lots of trash on the streets and throughout the village. The houses were little shacks with only one bed for families of 4 – 6. A resident of the batay taught us to make suk sou bon bons which are like donuts. They were delicious!  – Sydney Silverstein

Day 5 – First day of camp!

It was finally time to head to Project Esperanza and begin our work with the kids!  We joined their routine of circle time that included introductions and songs and then began the classroom rotations. 

At camp today, I was one of the counselors for the Active Games rotation. We played vocab games, mini-basketball and vocab pong. The kids picked up the rules very fast and were very appreciative of us helping them learn English.   – Gus Thomas 

In Arts and Crafts we taught the kids the vocab words big, small, quick, and slow by making animal masks – bears, mice, rabbits, and turtles. In fact, the kids loved the activity so much that they wore the masks all day!  – Dylan Kaminski

The Pace students proved to be engaged and effective leaders. The volunteer service coordinator serving at Project Esperanza remarked that this was one of the best groups of counselors all summer!

At the end of today’s session each of us was paired up with a buddy from the school, and we will do activities with them each afternoon. Today we went out for a pizza lunch and then rode a cable car up Isabel de Torres. On the way home we stopped for ice cream! As the day went on, we got to know our buddies more and more!                 – Austin Chastain