Today the Baja group woke up really early to go see the sea lions. It was a cloudy pretty chilly day this morning unlike the other days. We put on our wetsuits and our snorkels and when we saw the sea lions we were in awe but everyone was hesitant to get in the water. Finally everyone got in the water and it was cold but the sea lions made us forget about the cold. After swimming and playing with the sea lions we got on the boat and went to an island to eat lunch. The island was so cool and beautiful and the lunch was great. We were in or around the water basically the whole day and it was such an awesome experience and we all had so much fun.


– Matthew Aronson

Whalewolf Watching


Whale watching is usually extremely boring. This is mostly because you barely see any whales. On our way back to civilization after camping on sand dunes for two nights, not only did we see a ton of whales, we touched them too. The first time we went whale watching was pretty cool because we actually saw them but we never actually got a very good look because they were so far away. On our second time going whale watching every single person on our boats got to pet all the whales. We nearly flipped the boats over but we weren’t leaving until everyone, even Mr. Neely, touched the whales. We saw four main whales so much that we gave them names. They were funny names like Coyoté, and Whalewolf. Touching the whales was the highlight of my trip and an experience that I won’t forget.


– Berkeley Hamel

Whale Shark


On the spring break Baja trip on Wednesday March 14 the whole trip went to go swimming with whale sharks. The preparation was good. We had to listen to a guy talk about whale sharks. We learned some cool facts about them, and one fact was that they only eat plankton and anything that’s too big for them to swallow they would just cough it up and flush out their gills. So it was reassuring to know that I couldn’t be swallowed by one. Another interesting fact is that a whale shark’s tail can have a full ton of force in them so it does not feel good to be hit by one. After we listened to the guy talk about the whale sharks we put on our wet suits and boarded the boats. It took us a while to find a whale shark, but it was worth it because swimming with them was amazing. They are immense and really cool to look at. They move so gracefully through the water and they are really calm. But sometimes they would get scared and dive down too deep for us to see them. Eventually we left the shark alone and my group started to swim in the water. And while we were swimming we even saw a tiny stingray just swimming along the bottom of the sand. So in conclusion it was an awesome day because we got to swim with whale sharks and for an added bonus we got to see a baby stingray.


Matthew Mathias




One experience in Baja, Mexico that has been an amazing part of the trip for me was spotting and petting the Grey Whales. There was a mom and a baby whale that we had been watching for a little bit of time. Eventually they came up close to our boat and we all got to pet them. The baby whale kept coming up to our boat and putting its head up for us to pet it. They were so soft and adorable to touch and kept repeatedly wanting us to pet them. It was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget.


– Norah Wagoner

My Experience Camping in Baja


The Baja camping trip was phenomenal. This was a different experience for all of us because of the fact that is was on an island next to the Baja peninsula. When we got there the first thing we did was measure two turtles and name them. A big part of this trip is about conservation, so I was really excited to be a part of this effort. The information we gathered is really useful to people who are in charge of conservation efforts for aquatic animals. The whole camping trip was very unique for one reason: the sand. Our guides warned us not to get frustrated with the sand, but that would not stop it from getting everywhere. The camping trip, however, was not ruined at all. We went on so many extravagant activities while we were there. One day we went to a different part of the island, where it was basically like a desert, and we had so much fun jumping off sand dunes and seeing who could go the farthest. Another interesting part of this trip was going whale watching. Our captains were so amazing at finding whales and getting close to them. They were so close that everyone got to pet the whales in the water. It was so crazy spectating the whales rise up right under you and shove its nose against the boat. This was probably my favorite aspect of the camping trip because it is really eye opening coming in contact with such gigantic creatures. I really enjoyed this camping trip, and it was truly worth the hours on the bus to get there.

-Jack Warren