Duke University

It is a pretty special thing when you have a Pace alum playing basketball at Duke, you have a teacher that is a basketball coach, and a Duke Coach who is cousins with the Pace coach!  What does that equal to?  A VIP visit to the Duke practice stadium and a visit from Wendell Carter ’17 and Nolan Smith, Duke coach.

5th Grade stands with Wendell Carter.

Future Dukies (parents, grandparents, uncles, or aunts went to Duke) stand with Duke grad, Mrs. Elliott.

Mr. Blythe drains a free throw!

The Lemur Center

We had a blast today.  The girls toured the Duke Lemur Center.  Did you know they have over 240 species of Lemurs?  We learned so much about them and how we can conserve in many forms to help the environment.

We wanted to bring a few home, but many of us bought stuffed animals instead:).  Tomorrow is the boys’ turn to see the Lemurs.