An amazing last day in Costa Rica!

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Today we went white water rafting. We went on level 1-3 rapids. In the boat we enjoyed pineapple and watermelon. Also we got to swim in the river and jump off a ten foot cliff. We had so much fun!

Also today some locals came and shared with us some of their products. Some of them included earrings, necklaces, pots, and paintings.

Eloise Gaudet and Haley Hirokawa


The chocolate tour was super fun and exciting. We really enjoyed the chocolate tour. Our favorite part was the taste testing. We tasted chocolate, cocoa beans, and ” The Drink of the Gods”. We also learned the process of making chocolate.

By Brienne Hingst and Emma Goodman.

Happy 12th Campbell!

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Today is Campbell’s 12th birthday!  Happy birthday!

We first went to a soccer camp; then we had a special treat!

For lunch, we went to houses in Costa Rica that offered to have us.  The food was delicious, and everything was made with love.  Thank you for letting us in your house. by Lucas Klopp

After eating lunch in the houses, we went to meet a botanist that taught us about plants.  He let us taste many plants- some were sweet, most were sour.  There were also some seeds that after you sucked on them, they made lemons taste sweet! We are coconuts, starfruits, and guava.  We finished the day with homemade ice cream made from coffee, vanilla, sugar, and bananas.  The botanist was so nice and cracked a lot of jokes.  by Luca Tanasa

Day 5


Today we finished working with the Chilamate Elementary School. We finished all of the painting that we started. The three groups were, playing with the class, carrying dirt to build up anther side of the amphitheater, and painting the walls and steps on the existing side. Then the Costa Rican kids taught us a dance that they knew. After that we taught them one of our favorite dances, the “Whip Nae Nae.” Then we said goodbye and went back to the retreat for lunch. After lunch, we got ready for the Great Costa Rican Adventure Race. It was not a traditional race, but it was an opportunity for building our teamwork skills. Also it was different from American races, because it was not all about being first. To start the race we did a broccoli relay where each team was taped together, and then we were told what station to go to first. There were 5 stations including salsa dancing, milking a cow, making tortillas, swimming in the river, and an interview with someone in Spanish. Everyone had a great time today!


Victoria Hadley and Ronak Lalaji




First, the day started with breakfast. Then we went to the Chilamate School and played a bandana game as a group with the kids. Next, we broke into groups and worked on painting, carrying dirt to build the steps of the amphitheater, and played classroom games. We went to the zip lining course and got rained on while zip lining. Then we got ice cream from the Heladeria. We went on a night walk. At the night walk we saw snakes, frogs, and lizards. Last, we had ANCHOR- Appreciations, News, Concerns, Hopes, and Reading.

BY: Brian Lee, Benjamin Schrager, and Ben Leach