Day 3 in Greece (yesterday)- Drive to Olympia

Today we woke up in Delphi and had breakfast in the hotel. Then we left the hotel to go to St. Luke’s monastery. When we got there we lit candles and ate turkish delight. From there we took a 4 hour drive. We took a break for lunch by the ocean. Then we got to the Europa hotel and swam in the pool for 5 minutes and then it thundered. So we had dinner. After dinner we went to bed and ended day 4

-Jackson Gray, who now wears a fedora

Day 2- Delphi and Thermopylae

Today we woke up at 8:30 and had a delicious breakfast including bread with meat and cheese, croissants, fresh squeezed juice, and marble pound cake. We then took a 2 hour drive to Thermopylae. We saw the memorial and learned about the battle. After we went to a natural hot spring that smelled like rotten eggs. We then went back to Delphi and had lunch. After we walked around and shopped. Then we went to the Oracle of Delphi and we climbed up and saw breathtaking views of the city as well a stone theater. We then walked back to he hotel and played cards and hung out. We went to dinner and had a wonderful meal. After that we had ice cream and went back to the hotel. Our first full day in Delphi was great.

-Caroline and Kathryn

Hello from Greece!

After a long journey across the pond, sprinting to make our connection in the Amsterdam airport, and driving another two and a half hours after landing in Athens, we’ve finally arrived in Delphi! We had a couple of hours of free time to grab some dinner (the rabbit was a nice entree!) and are now packing it in for a big day tomorrow. The plan is to drive to Thermopylae to see the site of the 300 Spartans’ last stand against Xerxes and his mighty Persian army. We’ll also have time to enjoy the natural hot springs while we’re there. Having fun!