Day 5

Today we embarked on our second day of hiking. We walked along the madre hija trail to Laguna Torre, where we experienced true Patagonian winds. Our guides estimated the wind speeds to be in excess of 100kph. The hiking was beautiful and we continued to see rainbows at every turn.  IMG_0706 IMG_0781 IMG_0756 IMG_0736 IMG_0716 IMG_7483 IMG_7472 IMG_7459 IMG_7425 IMG_7422 IMG_0646 IMG_0695 IMG_0642 IMG_0641



Day 4

Today we began our hike into Parque National Los Glaciares. The highlight was the view of Lago de Tres, which can be seen in the background of the two group shots. The pictures below are all from our first day of hiking.


IMG_0555 IMG_0570 IMG_0582 IMG_0593 IMG_0608 IMG_0625 IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0695 IMG_0646

Day 3

Today we flew from Buenos Aires to El Calafate. We then took a three hour bus ride to El Chaltén followed by an hour bus ride to the hostel. There was a lot of travel, but there were pretty views along the way. The one below was taken from the bus ride.


Day 2


The group takes a quick stop along the river.


Rob, Trevor, Eno, and Harrison take a break from kayaking to relax in the shade.



Eno tries Mate, a traditional tea-like drink of Argentina.


Today we took a biking tour Tigre, the delta area and northern suburbs of Buenos Aires. We then took a kayaking trip through the islands of the Tigre Delta water system. After returning to the city we had a casual dinner followed by some ice cream! Though it was originally not planned, due to some changes in accommodations  the two groups were able to meet briefly. Members of both groups joined together for a post dinner walk to the Puerto Modero waterfront. The river walk is lit up at night and features rotating footbridges connecting the east and west docks. The newest and most famous of the foot bridges is called Puente de la mujer which was designed by Santiago Calatrava.



Max and Harrison


Alex, Harrison, and Max


Anna and Carolyne


Max and Alex


Sarah enjoys what they call “Barbeque Cheese”


Carson and Jilly


Barbeque lunch break during the kayak trip.


The group poses before kayaking through part of the Tigre Delta water system


Coach Cunningham and Lacey.


The group enjoying some late night ice cream.


Members of both groups enjoy a late night walk to the Puerto Madero Waterfront. You can just see Puente de la mujer in the background.


Katie and others bike through the Tigre neighborhood.


Carolyne and others bike through the section of the Tigre neighborhood that borders the river.


Day 1


The gang is ready to fly!

We arrived in Buenos Aires early Friday morning and after quickly dropping off luggage we headed out to see the city. We stopped at La Casa Rosada, “The Pink House”, which is the executive office of the President. We walked through the famous mausoleums of La Recoleta cemetery, including that of the Family Duarte, where Eva Peron is buried. We visited the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires and former home of Pope Francis. We ate lunch on Caminito alley of the famous La Boca neighborhood. We spent time exploring the city by bus and on foot and then ended our day with a traditional Argentine dinner and a Tango show.


Annie, Carolyne, and Carson rub the nose of Sabu for good luck.


La Recoleta Cemetary


The group poses for a picture with “The Pink House” in the background.


Rob and Annie enjoy dinner before the Tango show.


Sarah and Carolyne enjoy dinner before the Tango show.


Alex, Harrison, and Katie enjoy dinner before the Tango show.


The group poses in front of the Obelisco de Buenos Aires, an icon of the city.


The Metropolitan Cathedral