Day 3 fun

After we the pool party, we hit the hay! We woke up early on Wednesday and had breakfast at the hotel. The hotel was so nice and friendly to us. On the way out of breakfast the hotel manager said to us, “that pace academy is by far the best group that we ever had,” then she cordially invited us to come back next year! She said the kids were so pleasant to interact with…they always use their manners, etc. Needless to say, Ms. Forb and I were beaming! Then we packed up and headed back to the Customs house downtown for our tour. We toured around the battery. We heard about architecture and ghosts! Did you know Charleston is one of the five oldest cities in the country? We went to cementaries, a theater, and several houses. We even stopped by rainbow row! Then we headed
back to the grassy space In front of the aquarium for recess and lunch. Then it was time for lunch. We are currently on the bus and headed home!