A day in Santa Cruz

The group arrived in Santa Cruz greeted by Nicole D’Avis, our Global Village guide. We took the 25 minute bus ride to our hotel where we took about two and a half hours to relax and catch up on sleep. The hotel is equipped with wifi and small restaurant and a pool. It is less than 100 yards from a grocery store which is wonderful. The rooms are great and the employees are really nice and helpful. At 12:30 we met downstairs at the hotel restaurant for a tasty and delightful meal. After lunch, we went for a stroll around Santa Cruz, passing the Chinese embassy on the way. We found our way back to the hotel at around 3:15. Before leaving the hotel at 5:00 we took a quick dip in the pool and got a little bit more sleep. At 5:00 the bus came back to take us downtown. Nicole showed us to a small market place where traditional artisans sold us their Bolivian goodies. Luckily the exchange rate is outstanding so we didn’t actually have to spend very much to purchase what we wanted. The group moved out of the market place and a short walk took us to a busy plaza. We walked around the area which was dominated by a large Catholic cathedral. After touring around for a little bit, looking in more souvenir shops, we went into one of the surrounding building to eat dinner. The restaurant was about four or five stories up on the roof which gave us a nice night view. Mr. and Mrs. Urquieta joins up for a wonderful meal before we called it a night and returned to the hotel. Written by William Rushton