Nothing Prepares You…

Nothing prepares you for the absolute poverty, devastation and joy of township life.  In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with the guidance of Ubuntu Education Fund, we were able to have a walking tour through one of the most impoverished townships in Zwide.

The townships are home to over to 40,000 people, who live in a mixture of wooden and corrugated iron shacks, and more substantial government-built housing.  Poverty is a major issue, with an unemployment rate of around 80%.

Ubuntu works closely with township communities to provide services to combat poverty, unemployment, inadequate education and an overwhelming number of people living in have HIV/Aids.

During our walk we received warm Xhosa welcomes and were greeted with smiles and witnessed the overwhelming signs of joy…  We even stopped to have some “smiley,” or sheep’s head.



Cape Town, South Africa


The next stop on our journey was Cape Town, South Africa.  We visited one of the newest wonders of the world, Table Mountain, stayed at Grand Daddy Long Legs (featured rooftop trailers), visited a penguin harbor, enjoyed shopping along the waterfront and got a tour of Robben Island by a former prisoner of the now famous place where Nelson Mandela spent over 20 years in prison with others who opposed Apartheid.

Tsitsikamma National Park and The Dolphin Trail

“This land lies between the sea and the Tsitsikamma Mountains and stretches from the Bloukrans River in the West to Clarkson in the East. Beautiful indigenous forest, protected by the State, is home to centuries old trees such as Yellowwood, Stinkwood, Hard Pear, Ironwood, Kamassi and many others.  Tsitsikamma is a khoi word meaning “place of abundant or sparkling water”. The region stretches from the Bloukrans River in the west to Eerste Rivier in the east, is bordered on the north by the imposing Tsitsikamma mountains and in the south by the Indian Ocean.”

We spent 3 days on the trail, enjoying the beauty along the trail and were fortunate to spot a few whales

Journey to South Africa

Students take a break from a 13 mile hike along the Eastern Cape of South Africa

29 students and 5 chaperones from Pace Academy participate in the largest Global Education trip in the school’s program.  The group will explore the diversity of the country and hike along the Eastern Cape of the country  and visit some of the most poverty stricken communities of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.