New Perspective…

In the months leading up to our trip, we contacted our friends and families in an effort to raise money to donate to Ubuntu to support the work they do for people living in absolute poverty. We then traveled to South Africa to do some hands-on work with Ubuntu.  This included working with children, planting a garden, learning about Ubuntu’s mission, and helping to spread the word about those in need and Ubuntu’s efforts to help them.  In addition to gaining new perspectives on our lives, we also learned how we can help our community, both individually and with communities like that of Ubuntu.  After a few days with Ubuntu, we went to a school and worked with Mava to plant a garden for a local school in need.  This experience was rewarding for several reasons.  Among these are the contact we had with the children at the school and the tangible labor we provided in an effort to help the school become more sustainable.  Mr. McAdoo and the rest of our chaperones helped bridge the gap between the generous workers at Ubuntu, the children, and the students.  Over the course of this trip, we realized just how lucky we are to live beyond subsistence, as we now appreciate the fact that others do not have what they need to exist healthily and safely.  None of us will forget our trip to South Africa, the people we met while there, and the experiences we shared with each other.

– Zach, Class of 2013

Sustainable Giving and Learning…

People remember how you make them feel….

People want to be involved in things that are meaningful…

Things that touch and change people’s lives…

For 2 days, sometimes in rain, Pace Academy students participated in a garden project in partnership with Ubuntu and Coca-Cola Fortune in South Africa.  The initial plan started with 8 plots but Pace students, working along side students and community members, were able to build 27 plots.

In the end…the students did not want our students to leave and gathered around the bus to show their appreciation for the time and effort our students put insuring that they will be able to have a hot meal at school.


“Ubuntu means if your brother or sister is down, pick them up. If they are hungry, feed them. If they are strangers, accommodate them. Ubuntu is humanity; think of brothers before you think of yourself. That is what Ubuntu is all about.”- Sipho Gumede (South African Musician)

Students from Pace Academy got to see first hand the work Ubuntu Education Fund is doing in South Africa. Students participated in a 3-day overview of the work Ubuntu Education Fund is doing to improve the lives of people in South Africa.

At the end of the workshop, they were challenged to come up with an UBUNTU plan for their own communities, U ME WE


  • Latino/Hispanic…fastest growing minority in Atlanta
  • Lowest performing in reading and math
  • Many parents don’t speak English
  • Continue to raise awareness and volunteer at local Hispanic/Latino outreach organization.



  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Two years ago started having monthly bake sales to raise money and awareness for breast cancer
  • Has raised over $7,000







  • Hunger in Atlanta and the food bank
  • U- they need help and they need to reach our and ask for it
  • Me- easy to do, you go to the warehouse and you pack boxes
  • We- you can go with friends on the weekends or twice a month on a weekend and make a huge difference