Going Home

We are leaving Memphis, and going back to Atlanta. This morning was a very powerful experience. We were at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. Part of the museum is the actual Lorraine Motel where Dr. King was assassinated. We took an audio tour and saw artifacts about the struggles of African-Americans from the 1600’s to MLK’s death. The courage of ordinary people to do extraordinary things was amazing. Part of the tour actually took us to the room where MLK was killed. We crossed the street and went to the building where James Earl Ray positioned himself as a sniper. We were right behind the very window he used. We learned so much on this trip and had the chance to experience something uniquely American. Our final stop was BB King’s restaurant for barbecue. We are now back on the bus and heading home!

Thursday Summary

Yesterday was awesome, we started by going to Sixteenth Street Baptist Church it was where four girls died during the civil rights movement. We saw a video and it was an experience to remember. We then went to the Institution of Civil Rights in Birmingham. At the Institute we saw the differences between the life of African Americans and Whites living in the US during the movement. We saw how the fire hoses were put on demonstrators. A museum to remember. While we were at the Church, Mrs Camp got her luggage after two days without it, she was jubilant. We then had the long drive to Memphis, and after that we got to play putt putt. Some teachers were trying to beat Mr. Pope or as he is known, the Popester. We also had an intense round of go carts. “Mrs Camp was a reckless driver out there. She almost killed me!”. All around yesterday was the perfect balance between fun and learning about Civil Rights.