Day 3

On the day of Sunday, March 6th, we all had a great and exciting day. Filled with long walks and painting, we all enjoyed the activities. Before I get into what we did during the day, im going to share a quick and hilarious story…. 
On Saturday night, my room had a surprise to say the least. I roomed with Maya Kaplan, Jordan Upchurch, and Alexa Levine during our time in France. Maya was having a great time dancing by the stove, yet accidentally made a mistake. Before long, my roommates and I smelled smoke, and sure enough the stove was clicked on and my shirt was still on it! Everyone was fine, but sadly my shirt suffered a tragic death. Rest in peace, shirt.

Sunday started off with us taking a nice walk to Pace Alum Jill Steenhuis’s property and viewed the house. We also learned some art facts while being there. Outside of the house we drew sketches of the gorgeous home and got to practice before we went to a great view of the mountain where Cezanne died. We took the opportunity of painting it with water colors/pastel following a delicious lunch of French sandwiches. Don’t get me wrong, this was amazing, yet some of my friends and I were worried our fingers were going to freeze because of the wind coming from the Alps.
Shivering and just wanting some warm drinks, we all visited a nice cafe and drank hot chocolate and crepes. Don’t ask me how many crepes I have eaten in the past days, because the answer is more than you would think…

After all of this, everyone took a much needed break and attempted at dinner, we got amazing fondue that everyone enjoyed. Just when we thought the day was over, our chaperones surprised us with a scavenger hunt across Aix en Provence to test how much we have been listening. As you can probably guess, most of us were tired, cranky, and freezing cold which did not help with the challenging tasks the chaperones gave us. Not to mention our prizes , gelato and candy, were closed. The boys were done and decided to walk back to the hotel, while the girls had more crepes and desserts, because you can never have too many crepes!

-Spencyr Aronson 

Day 2

It’s safe to say everyone was well rested and less cranky after a long day of jet lag. We walked to the Caumont Centre d’Art, where we watched a short film on the famous artist and learned about his early years. Afterwards, we toured the house and admired paintings from famous artists from Van Dyke to Raphael. The house itself was beautiful, built with a Neoclassical architecture. Each floor was decorated with a rococo style and pleasing to the eye. We walked to a market in Aix for a quick shopping/lunch break, where we split up into smaller groups. Aix markets are packed on Saturday afternoons, filled with shoppers looking for daily foods and clothing. Practicing and communicating in French with the venders was difficult, but we managed to order our lunches.

 Cars awaited our arrival, ready to take us to our next destination: a change of venue to the countryside of Aix. A Pace alumn, Jill Steenhuis, and her husband drove us to their beautiful house. There, we ate our lunches and enjoyed the outdoor scenery, relaxing in Aix’s gorgeous weather. Jill invited us to sit around the fire, where we listened to her journey as an artist and her love for Cezanne. -Virginia Hobbs 

We came to Aix for a trip to a Catherdral to see some paintings. We ended the day with some shopping, dinner, and crepés. -Jordan Upchurch







Travel Day!

We get to the airport all excited. We eat and wait to get on the plane…. Finally the plane takes off and we’re ready for the good old vacation to start. “After about three hours on the plane, I look around and everyone is starting to finally sleep, I look to my left and Noah and Blaise are asleep but Sammy was classically playing his 3ds. When I decided to fall asleep I hear two voices, very loud voices, I look to my left and see them. Out of the whole plane, I had to be next to the only people that had their lights on and talking and had the most annoying laughs in the world, the whole night. I put my head down, hood over my head, and thanks to Sammy for switching seats with me, I got one hour of sleep. One hour out of 24 hours, pretty solid way to start off.” -Jack Robison

“After a good 3 hours of sleep, we finally arrived and got off of the plane. Everybody completely miserable, we all had to run all the way to the other gate in order to catch the flight. Finally, after getting on the second flight, we could relax. The flight was only about an hour long. When we arrived in Marseille, Jack, Señor Graham and I all got cappuccinos (which still did not work too well in waking us up.) Then, we all got on a bus to go to Sergio and Alexander’s studio in Marseille. It was a fantastic experience! We got to eat incredible pizza in the studio. After that, we checked out a church built in the 6th century. Later, we went to Notre Dame. It was one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen. The views from the top were fantastic. After leaving Notre Dame, we checked out a view from a cliff & then drove to the hotel. We got ready to go to dinner, and then left once again. We had some great dinner at a restaurant names pizza prima, and then walked back to the hotel. Getting to sleep in the bed felt great.” -Blaise Reyes