India – June 13 – 15, 2018

We’ve had an incredible trip! We fly out tonight and will be back in Atlanta Saturday afternoon – at the Taj Mahal yesterday. We’ve experienced the peoples, religions, architecture, and wildlife of India – the very best of what India has to offer. The significance of what we’ve accomplished will continue to unfold in the days, months, and years to come. The “Pace” of our travel was quite intense, but we took advantage of virtually every opportunity. The students were a pleasure to travel with. They now have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what is going on in this part of the world. This trip will be the basis for further experiences, study, and exploration. The student’s sense of worldliness has been enhanced. They will continue to grow and mature.

Mary Lawson & Tanner at the Taj Mahal in Agra

The gals with Nidheesh

Hanging out at the Taj

Detail shot of the Taj

Ryann Smith – stylish @ the Taj

Group shot

Dagny & Molly strike a pose at the Taj

Mughal emperor Akbar’s Fatehpur Sikri palace/fort

UNESCO World Heritage site – on the way to Agra

conference hall – seen the day before we visited the Taj Mahal

Architectural detail of Fatehpur Sikri


India, June 11, 12, 2018

We all celebrate Dagny’s birthday on June 11 at the Trident in Jaipur

In Ranthambore National Park – Dagny’s new best friend

Ranthambore game drive

Blaise has a consult with some monkeys in Ranthambore

Another shot of Molly w/defanged cobra on a street in Jaipur the other day


India – June 5 – 10

We’ve been in the jungle (Kanha National Park) for the past few days – without Wi-Fi.

Here’s an update – chronologically moving back in time:

Dag with cobra (cobra is de-fanged) – on the streets of Jaipur

Moly befriends cobra (cobra is de-fanged) – on the streets of Jaipur

The guys in Jaipur

Demo of block-printing – Jaipur

The gals at Chokhi Dhani (Indian cultural “country fair” on the outskirts ofJaipur)


Dag’s reflection in mirror @ Amber Fort in Jaipur










The group @ Amber Fort in Jaipur

Molly models a sari while on the way to Jaipur

Molly cuts cake for everyone on her birthday – Kanha N.P.

All of the wonderful people (in background) who served us while at Chitvan Lodge (Mind-Forest) – Kanha N.P.

Lining up for a game drive in Kanha N.P.

Bengal Tiger in Kanha N.P.


The gals in pool @ Chitvan (Mind-Forest) Lodge in Kanha N.P.

Another game drive in Kanha N.P.

Monkey in Kanha N.P.

At Buddist Cave # 10 at the Ellora Caves near Aurangabad.

At the “Mini Taj” in Aurangabad.

At the “Mini Taj” in Aurangabad.










India – June 2,3 2018

* Shot of our group with Indian family at The Ajanta Caves today. * Kirk & Blaise check out Buddist monk’s cell at Ajanta. * Photographing monkeys at Ajanta. * Molly decides to climb a tree on the way to Ajanta. * Night before last Tanner & Molly get their Henna tattoos at Nidheesh & Maddy’s home in Delhi – where we also had dinner. *  Following day at the oldest mosque (Qutb Complex of Minar) in India. The “Iron Pillar of Delhi” (seen above Tanner’s head), shows no rust despite being outdoors for over a thousand years. We are working on getting students to post text & photos. FAD



India – June 1,2018

Afternoon walking and riding bicycle rickshaws through the streets of Old Delhi. And, of course, a lot of photography. Tonight at Nidheesh’s home for dinner. Will post some shots of our dinner later. Headed to Aurangabad tomorrow afternoon to get to where the Ellora (rock-cut architecture) & Ajanta Caves are located. FAD