We are students!

Today was our first day studying renewable energy at Reykjavik University’s School of Energy. Laptops and journals in hand, we stepped into the university classroom as students.  The first class covered The Iceland Energy System: Renewable Energy in Iceland, and provided the perfect overview of all the systems we’ll be studying while we’re here.  Geothermal Energy in Iceland and Wind Energy were up next. These classes were full of the science behind these systems and provide a venue for us to ask questions of content experts. We even got to walk downstairs to interact with student-built wind tunnels. As we wind down our day with a walk to the water and pizza in the apartment, we are full of inspiration and looking forward to a day of learning tomorrow! #lifelonglearners #wearestudents

Students at Reykjavik University

Energy Systems

Reykjavik University

Wind Tunnel