Germany: Day 7

Our usual express train to Potsdam not running, we improvised and took a suburban trip to Potsdam and then a long bus ride through Potsdam itself before emerging on the edge of Frederick the Great’s sprawling complex of palaces. Starting by the massive Neues Palais, we wandered down the central spine of the extensive grounds, forests on either side, with baroque follies, elaborate gazebos, and even windmills peeping out or towering over the dense trees. Reaching the central nexus of fountains, we climbed the carefully manicured grounds to Sans Souci, Frederick’s relatively snug palace. A tour of its dozen or so open rooms induced rococo overdoses: decoration piled on decoration, all gilded or filigreed or fussed over. A bus took us back to the Potsdam Hauptbahnhof for a quick lunch before an 18-stop, 3-line subway ride returned us to our hostel for a couple of hours’ rest and homework (one can hope, right?) before the group was given free rein of our Kreuzberg neighborhood for dinner on their own. Tomorrow, our last full day in Berlin, will include a little of everything: Egyptian art, World War II History and shopping.

When we stomp around in iced-over puddles, we like our ice fragments sharp and crystal-clear! Sand Souci Brand Ice Sheets: Only in Potsdam!
Side view of the Neues Palais
First the Palais, then the selfie
The Neues Palais: over 20 rooms per Pace student
Sans Souci and its grounds in their most aggressive geometrical splendor
Every shrub here is a right square pyramid? Four thumbs up!
Thanks, chaperones, for letting us travel so far, by subway, by bus, and by foot!
Yes! Thank you! It’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see such sights!
We’re tired! Why did we have to walk so far? When’s lunch?
The first in a too-long series of details inside Sans Souci
Frederick the Great
Meissen porcelain

Birds? Of course. Flowers? So pretty! Um. How about a monkey? Perfect!
At Bangkok City
At Belle Alliance
Also at Belle Alliance
At Dolden Madel

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