Germany: Day 6

By now, the breakfast pattern is set: quickly-chomping students bored of casually-dining faculty. Yet wait they must! Finally, after a proper morning meal, we head on the first of many train rides today. Alexanderplatz and the nearby radio tower were iconic parts of old East Berlin. From that mildly scenic square we walked first to the imposing Berliner Dom, then on to Museum Island itself for our tour of the Pergamon Museum. While its namesake altar is still being renovated, the Ishtar Gate and the Market Gate of Miletus are enough for any collection. Our path away from the Island took us by Berlin’s Neue Synagogue and then, via subway, to the Friedrichstrasse station, filled with small food stands. Lunch was, therefore, a chaotic blend of healthy and not, German and not, and cheap all around. Our last stop of the afternoon was a long ride to Temptower Park, filled with beautiful allees of trees and monumentally-sized sculptures to the Soviet losses in taking Berlin in World War II. After reversing our subway trek, the group rested for a couple of hours before joining Mr Hornor’s cousin Gregor for a wonderful, long and full meal at a Biergarten in his home neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. A happy, tired and fully satusfied group made it back to the hostel late and ready to crash (assuming the German school group staying on our floor can keep quiet!)

Look! The famous East Berlin radio tower!
Berliner Dom with selfies
Berliner Dom interior: understated, restrained, subtle
A series of five context-free details in the Pergamon Museum
81% of the group with a section of the Ishtar Gate and a Stele of Hammurabi
Look! Ceramics!
Side-view of the Neues Museum
The Neue Synagogue
Mr Hornor detailing the history of Temptower Park
The Motherland
Machine-gun toting Unknown Soviet Soldiers
Lenin and the Red Army
Slightly large monument to Soviet casualties in the taking of Berlin
Reliefs in series
Symmetrically arranged Pacers
Forward, ever forward. Except for …
Ordering mussels off the kids’ menu
Super-secret off-menu nougat-filled knüdel for dessert

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