Germany: Day 3

A hearty hostel breakfast shared with similarly budget-minded travelers fortified the group for what would be a dozen mile hike through Central Munich with stops at some of the world’s finest museums. A stroll to the Königsplatz via the Odeonplatz deposited us at the Antiken museum and its unequaled collection of Greek and Etruscan pottery. From there, a walk into Munich’s university district led us to the Alte Pinakothek and its amazing collection of 14th to 18th century art: Durer, Rubens, Raphael, Titian, El Greco are all well-represented here. Next, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a nearby university cafe before strolling back through Munich’s famed English Gardens. A free night to explore and eat on their own allowed the group to test both their geographical and menu navigational skills. Tomorrow, we tour Dachau and then take a long train ride to Berlin.

Mr Hornor providing historical context in the Odeonplatz
The Feldherrnhalle
Detail of artwork at Antiken Museum
More from the Antiken Museum
Still more from the Antiken Museum
Yet another detail from the Antiken Museum
AP Art History at the Alte Pinakothek
Life imitates Art
Albrecht Durer’s Hand
A fully engaged (almost!) group considers Mr Hornor’s explications
Hippo v Dog
Too much art!
Photogenic waterfowl in the English Gardens

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