Germany: Days 1-2

Arriving Sunday morning, this year’s Pace ICGL Germany group was met by cold rain. Persevering, though, the group fought weather (and jet lag!) by taking a long walking tour of the Munich city center and having a perhaps culturally-cliched yet still entertaining meal at local landmark the Hofbrauhaus. After gorging themselves on copious amounts of sausage, potatoes, and, of course, pretzels, the students braved a half-hour stroll in a now icy mist to return to our hostel and a well-deserved early bedtime.

Day Two began with grabbing a breakfast in the train station and carrying it on our 6:45 AM pair of trains into the Bavarian Alps to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. With the previous day’s rain now a steady snow, the mist-shrouded Castle rose evocatively from its mountain home. The evening turned fancy, with our viewing of Strauss’ opera Arabella at the beautiful Munich Opera House, followed by an elegant dinner at the nearby Spatenhaus.

The Marienplatz on our return to the hostel
Catching up on reading on the train ride south.
Snowy Bavaria
In front of the scaffolded entrance to Neuschwanstein
So many selfies: a combinatoric conundrum
Ceremonial bare-handed offering of snow
Global Leadership: Making friends across the world
Post-descent view back up the mountain
Post-Opera Dinner

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