Dream Jungle

By Lillis, Kylie, and Alexa

Lillis: Today we woke up, then we went to breakfast. Then, we got ready and went on a nature hike. We saw kingfishers and learned that the males carry fish to the females to impress them. We also learned about the leafcutter ants and that they could carry leaves that are really big and that they drop their leaves and run to the colony when it rains. After a few rests, we had lunch. For lunch we had amazing tacos. Then, we got ready, and we went to the school and played with the kids there. Then, we took a tour of the school and right after that, it started to rain, and we had to stay there and play games for about an hour. Today was an amazing day.


Kylie: We woke up to the sound of monkeys howling in the trees along with the waves crashing in the river. We had breakfast, which were these amazing fluffy pancakes. Then we gathered in the meeting area and split up into two groups, and then we went on the nature tour. We saw many amazing creatures and heard many. We saw poison dart and blue jean frogs, which were hidden on the side of the path. Many plants also live in the forest, and we saw some like apple trees with light red and yellow apples. Later we went to the school and played with the children and got to practice our Spanish. Many people had full conversations in Spanish, and we also got to learn what our project was. The day was amazing, and even though some of us are homesick, we are still having an amazing time and we can’t wait for more fun (and pineapple).


Alexa: We woke up having a delicious breakfast including pancakes and fresh fruit and many others too. After breakfast we went to a nature hike and learned about lots of different bugs, animals, and plants. We saw a dead ant about a little more than half the size of your thumb. The tour guide also told us to be careful touching stuff because you never know what may be on it, such as the big ant. After the tour we went outside and played a lot of different games to help us bond.  After that my favorite thing happened we went to the school to play with the kids and my friends helped me to speak Spanish and that was a lot of fun and so was the whole day.

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