Swiss Squad: Geneva and home to the ATL

Our last full day in Switzerland was the sweetest day possible. We started the day with a guided city tour, which took us to see some of the highlights of both the new and old parts of Geneva. We had some free time to walk around more and grab some lunch before we met with Rosalina, our new guide who led us on a chocolate tour of the city. From Romania, she spoke five languages fluently and knew more about chocolate than humanly possible (#lifegoals). For three hours we walked all over the city and sampled some of the best chocolate ever, while learning about its place in history, and how it evolved through the years. Hopefully some of that chocolate made it back to the states, so the awesome parents who sent their kiddos on this adventure could also sample the sweetness.

That evening we went to our final group dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant called Fabbrica Pasta. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Tresize met the owner, Enzo, and he was gracious enough to open up his rearuarant only to us, on a day he normally doesn’t work.  Once the food started coming out, it never stopped! We were treated to everything from buratta and grilled octopus to homemade (literally right in front of us) fig and goat cheese ravioli  and a variety of other pasta with seasonal black truffles. The squad was adventurous and tried many new foods that night. To say the meal was delicious and bonding is the understatement of the century.

The next day, we were sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Tresize as she left by train to go back to Zurich. We all caught the next train to the airport in Geneva, flew to Paris, and after a quick hustle, made our flight to ATL.

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