First Day in Costa Rica

Besides almost getting diverted, we had a smooth flight in. We passed many beautiful scenes on the flight including Cuba’s coast. 

We took a bus to lunch and Chilamate eco reserve. Lunch was amazing, tasty, and a great authentic Costa Rican resturaunt. We all drank and ate fresh strawberry juice, beans and rice, and chicken, fish, beef, or pork. 

My favorite part by far for the first day in Costa Rica was the bus ride. The 3 hour ride gave us scenic views of Costa Rica and a feel for each part of Costa Rica. We saw cities, waterfalls, canyons, and even a coffee farm for Starbucks. 

After our long journey to the eco reserve, we saw how beautiful the reserve is. We are in the middle of a stunning rainforest with sounds of animals coming from every direction. The family who owns the reserve has shown great hospitality towards us. We are so estatic for the days coming ahead of us. 

By Chas Arnold

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