Last Day in Antigua

Today the Guat Squad took on the mountains of Antigua, despite some “light” uphill terrain. Due to volcanic eruptions, the original plans of this crew were revised, but not tempered, thanks to the adrenaline packed attitudes of the bikers. After several miles of bumpy riding, the view was worth a few bruises. Antigua’s volcanoes were fully in view, as well as several century-old churches. Needless to say, the bike tour was an incredible experience packed with muddy, exciting, and invigorating fun. Unfortunately however, the brilliant Dr. B had to depart for Atlanta, but not before sending a wonderful chaperone, Mr. Anthony, to take her place. Adios y Buenas noches from Guatemala. Hasta luego!


This is the public washing area where people bring their clothes to be washed because they do not have enough water in their houses. Some people bring their clothes and hire others to wash them here.

Our fearless biker gang

Fearless biker gang with volcanoes in the background

There was an elementary school having field day activities at this church when we stopped by.

Dormant Agua volcano

Marielle was our only female student who made the whole ride!

The group enjoyed some obstacles in the park.

Our last stop in Ciudad Vieja, the former capital of Guatemala.

Colorful bikes in a colorful town.

Catholic Church that was ruined in an earthquake long ago.


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