Swiss Squad: Interlaken and Geneva

Glacial lake kayaking



Glacial lake kayaking

Glacial lake kayaking

Today, our Swiss Squad said goodbye to Interlaken, but not before we spent the morning kayaking on a lake that was made of glacial melt water and was about 250 meters deep  in the center. We had a blast racing each other, playing games, and enjoying the amazingly serene surroundings.

After our morning kayak, we went by bus, train, and tram to Geneva, which is apparently quite French. We dropped our stuff at the hostel and made our way over to the Red Cross Museum, which was a truly humbling experience. We were able to see what exactly and specifically the Red Cross does all over the world, and what kind of impact we are all able to make if we step outside of ourselves and help one another.

“We are all responsible to everyone and for everyone.” Dostoyevsky

Students play a game to simulate natural disaster response.

Red Cross efforts to reunite family members after a disaster

Red Cross effort to reunite children with their families after the Rwandan genocide

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  1. Mimi Broadfoot

    What a wonderful experience they are all having! I am 73 and I want to go to Pace and be a rising 9th grader! I hope everyone will remember everything they have learned.. and appreciates how fortunate they are. Thank you Pace for providing this wonderful opportunity for this great group of kids.

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