Swiss Squad: UNESCO Biosphere and Interlaken

Canyoning group

Mineral deposits inside the cave that inspired props in the movie Alien.

View from the summit of Schilthorn.

Interlaken seen from above

We did a lot of cool things in the UNESCO Bio Sphere, like go into an underground cave and walk off trail in the moors. The cave was so cool! The ladder down was a tad scary, but it was so worth it. We saw stalagmites and stalactites that had formed over thousands of years. The moors were so cool too! Our guide Anita took us off the trails, where we hiked on the moor, which is a protected part of the Swiss environment. It was an incredible experience!

After a full day of hiking we took a steam train down to Interlaken. Here, we have been canyoning, hiking, and exploring. Today we started our day with a late wake up, and we were picked up and transported to canyoning. We spent about an hour and a half in the canyon, relying on teamwork and our classmates to safely take us down the river. This was a welcome break from hard days of hiking and learning, but we were right back at it in the afternoon. We took cable cars up to the peak of Schilthorn, where a famous James Bond movie was filmed. Although the view was limited, the experience of being at ten thousand feet was amazing. After descending, we had two hours to eat dinner in Interlaken, and roamed the city. Overall, today was a very fun day and we had a great time in Interlaken.

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