Our last day at Reykjavik University

Happy May! We actually were here on an Icelandic national holiday, their Labor Day. We started off our morning with a delicious breakfast at a nearby cafe and began brainstorming more ideas about bringing energy back to the Lower School.  Today the professors told us all about the power grid and geothermal law.  If you’ve ever heard that the weather in Iceland changes every 5 minutes….it’s true!  We learned a new weather term today. Graupel is a form of hail that is light, fluffy and perfectly round. It looks like Dippin’ Dots.  It only occurs during the spring and summer months in Iceland.  After class some of us went to the largest church in Iceland, Hallgrimskirkja, for a view of the city from the tower. What a beautiful day!  Then we all celebrated Mrs. Scott’s birthday together! ​

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