After a good night’s rest we woke up to the beach. It is so lovely to wake up and see it!

We then headed out to bike through rubber and pineapple plantations. We first had to get use to riding on the left side of the road. It was quite an adventurous ride as we made our way through a forest and to a waterfall. Right next to the waterfall was a Gibbion rehabilitation center. Though many of us thought our ride stopped there we were pleasantly surprised to learn we had another 8k to go. We ended our Tour de France cycle at a gorgeous pier where we got to look into a crystal clear ocean as we driped with sweat. 
Once we got back to the hotel it was relaxation time. Some laid out at the pool and others played football in the ocean but either way everyone had a great time in the Phuket sun (trying not to get too burnt). At 5:30 we all met up at the beach to watch the beautiful sunset. A great way to end the day all together watching the sun going down. Around 7 we left the beach and went to dinner then to bed excited for the early morning and ocean filled day that we have ahead of us. 

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