MS China – Day 9

Muka Village • Morning • By Cameron

In the morning, we went to Muka village. This village was very unique for two reasons. One reason was that the village was half old and half new. This is because in the 2008 earthquake some of the village got destroyed and rebuilt. Some of the other parts of the village survived the earthquake. Another reason why this village is so unique is because it is right below a huge mountain. This is odd, because it makes this village very vulnerable to earthquakes. At the village in the morning, we helped out with the garden.

In the garden, we planted some pumpkin seeds at the farm. The first step was to dig some holes. This is so we can plant the seeds. Next, we placed the seeds into the lowest points of the hole. Finally, we placed the soil back on and covered the holes.

Muka Village/Chengdu • Afternoon • By Alex M.

After we had a great lunch in the Wenchwan village, we went to visit an old abandoned village higher up in the mountains. The village was built entirely of stone. The village has been there for thousands of years. It also survived an 8.1 earthquake 10 years ago. They moved all of the residents down the mountain for safety reasons after the earthquake when the Chinese government were rebuilding.

After that we drove back to our hotel in Chengdu. The teachers delighted us with a foot massage at the end of the day as a treat for our good behavior. It was a good experience for most of us. Overall it was a good day.

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