MS China – Day 11

Shanghai •  Afternoon • By Francie

Even though today was shortened by the plane ride, we had a very adventurous and fun end to our trip. After we landed in Shanghai, we headed to Shanghai Tower. When we arrived, everyone looked up in awe at the 632 meter high building. We walked inside and were told to find 2 facts about the Tower to share with the group. They were on either the history or any interesting fact, such as it’s the 2nd tallest building in the world. After, we headed up 128 stories to the top of Shanghai Tower. On the way up, everyone ears were popping because it had the fastest elevators in the world, getting up to 46 mph. On the top, there was a 360 degree view of the entire city of Shanghai. Most people thought the buildings around us to be slanted because the building we were in is twisted. Once everyone had had a chance to walk around, we headed back downstairs to the souvenir shop where people bought magnets and such. We headed outside and took one last look at the tower and hopped on the bus for dinner.


Shanghai • Evening • By Harper

After the skyscraper we went to dinner with hungry stomachs. We went to a nice restaurant for our final dinner in China. At the table we were all beginning to talk about how we were going to miss using our chopsticks and having Lazy Suzans at the table but then the food came out and it became a war zone that consisted of trying to grab as much food as possible with our chopsticks.

After dinner we headed to our final activity in China which was the boat tour. We represented America well by dancing our hearts out on the boat deck and even a little girl came up and joined us on the dance floor. In all it was not just a perfect night but a perfect trip.

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