Part 2- Goodbye Chiang Mai

        After a quick one hour turn around at the hotel in which we had to quickly shower and pack, we checked out of the hotel and set out to explore Chiang Mai in the few hours we had left. We (surprisingly) went to another market, but instead of visiting the typical haggling street vendors trying to sell us the same pair of elephant pants we’ve seen a million (literally) times already, this was an upscale market. It consisted of many boutique-like shops and trendy cafes, including one gelato shop in which Lily got the “choco cup”- it was just as extravagant (and most importantly messy) as it sounds. 

         After the market we parted ways with our fearless build leader Parn as we headed to the airport to fly to Phuket. We boarded the red eye flight at around 9:30 and landed at about 12:30- rather uneventful since a good number of us were passed out asleep. 

        We loaded up into vans and drove the one hour drive down to the hotel, which included wishing Colm a happy St. Patrick’s Day and other typical amusing van “banter.” By two thirty we had all piled into the hotel and were heading to our rooms, where we quickly (and quite easily) fell asleep. 

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