Whale Shark


On the spring break Baja trip on Wednesday March 14 the whole trip went to go swimming with whale sharks. The preparation was good. We had to listen to a guy talk about whale sharks. We learned some cool facts about them, and one fact was that they only eat plankton and anything that’s too big for them to swallow they would just cough it up and flush out their gills. So it was reassuring to know that I couldn’t be swallowed by one. Another interesting fact is that a whale shark’s tail can have a full ton of force in them so it does not feel good to be hit by one. After we listened to the guy talk about the whale sharks we put on our wet suits and boarded the boats. It took us a while to find a whale shark, but it was worth it because swimming with them was amazing. They are immense and really cool to look at. They move so gracefully through the water and they are really calm. But sometimes they would get scared and dive down too deep for us to see them. Eventually we left the shark alone and my group started to swim in the water. And while we were swimming we even saw a tiny stingray just swimming along the bottom of the sand. So in conclusion it was an awesome day because we got to swim with whale sharks and for an added bonus we got to see a baby stingray.


Matthew Mathias


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