Switzerland 2018 Day 7

Today we left Lucerne to go to Interlocken. We had breakfast at the hotel and went to coop (a grocery store) to get snacks. The train ride was an hour and forty five minutes. We played the game Heads Up on the ride. When we got to the hostel, we split up to get lunch. One group ate Italian and the other group went to coop. After, we went back to the hotel. Originally, we were planning to go para gliding but it got cancelled with the weather so instead we took traditional photos. We dressed up and used props. After we walked around town to souvenir shop. Then we got bac to the hostel and went night snow sledding. Snow sledding was so much fun. Our guide was named Tommy. It was dark but not too dark. The whole trail lasted an hour. It was super fun. We all had a red light on a strap to see who is in front of us. After we finished, we went to eat fondue again at a place called Caotina. It also came with a salad, pasta, and applesauce. Then we went back to sleep.

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