MS China – Day 6

Beijing • Morning • By  Jordan

We went on a challenging bike ride around the hutongs in Beijing. We started our day by renting bikes at the bike cafe and then we were off! We dodged passing scooters and local citizens while doing our best to navigate the streets. We stopped a few times to observe our surroundings and sketch them in our books.

It was a very interesting activity to participate in because we got to see a different perspective of Beijing that we wouldn’t have gotten to experience if we had walked instead. This was personally my favorite activity that we have done so far!

Beijing • Afternoon • By Alex K.

So my story starts at a what-seems-like a harmless restaurant in the 798 Art District of Beijing. So after a morning of biking around the city, food was on all of our minds, so we went to a restaurant where the food was supposed to be “kinda” spicy. The waitress stacked a bunch of dishes on our lazy Susan, and one of them was a chicken peanut and another “kinda” spicy pepper. So being the adventurous tourists that we are, we all plucked a pepper from the plate and ate it. That was my first mistake. I have never had that much pain in my mouth, and it would not go away. Right when I bit into it the heat started slowly rising, until the pain was unbearable and the tears started flowing. Finally the heat faded away, and my mouth was somewhat normal, but mistake number two comes into play. Everyone was like, Alex you’re overreacting it’s not even that bad, so I needed to defend my case and popped another pepper. The good news is I didn’t cry on round two.

Afterwards we headed for some famous Beijing duck. You’re probably thinking how could you eat after witnessing the orange guy, but the duck lived up to every expectation. You would take a little pancake/tortilla, and fill it with duck, cucumbers, onions, and a sweet sauce. It was very very good.

After dinner, and desperately trying to defend Tom Brady from everyone except for Mr. Anthony we headed outside into the non polluted very fresh air of Beijing. If you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm, the air wasn’t too enjoyable but we got through it. Next stop was the Beijing acrobatic show. After loading up on Chinese snacks we headed into the theatre and took our seats. The act started with a bunch of soldier guys who defied gravity by jumping like 10 feet in the air, and through hoops. The show went on and it was awesome. Everything from a guy stacking up chairs all the way to the top of the theatre to like 8 motorcycle riders speeding around in a tiny metal sphere; it was crazy. My personal favorite was “The Wheel of Death”. It was something like two hamster balls with two guys inside doing stuff that looked too dangerous to be legal. I honestly don’t know what was more stressful, cooking with the kids, or watching the show. To sum it up, it was a crazy last day in Beijing and let everyone really experience China.

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