Berlin – Day 8

Our last full day in Germany took us to Potsdam to see Frederick the Great’s Sanssouci Palace, Gardens and hunting grounds. The clear but bitingly cold day was perfect for our tour.

Mr Hornor orienting the group:

The Neues Palace housed the guests of Frederick the Great:

Snapping photos of the Neues Palace:

Sanssouci itself:

Waiting for our tour:

Renewable energy, 18th-century style:

Waiting for our regional train to return to Berlin:

Our home for the last 5 days, the Grand Hostel Berlin:

After sone time spent packing, the students got to explore our Kreuzberg neighborhood and go to dinner on their own. In a neighborhood with choices ranging from Nepalese to Ethiopian to Mexican to classic German, both groups ended up eating burgers – although one student claims he ate a ‘German’ burger.

Tomorrow: a full day’s travel back to Atlanta!

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