Munich: Day 2

Unfortunately for our jet-lagged students, our second day began quite early, with a 6 AM wake-up call. Grabbing a breakfast in the neighboring Munich Hauptbahnhof, we took a 2 hour train ride south into the foggy and misty, but surprisingly snow-free, Bavarian Alps. A bus and a horse-drawn carriage put us a short walk from Neuschwanstein Castle, the Wagner-inspired and incomplete home of Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Contemplating a carriage ride:

(Very) misty views of the castle:

Neither scaffolding (on part of the castle) nor fog can dampen the photographic efforts of Pace students:

After touring the completed portions of the castle, including the king’s personal chambers and his eccentrically carved ‘cave’ room, we descended partway down the mountain to eat a warm lunch in a warm restaurant. The smell of German-style beignets frying outside was too much for many of our students to resist. The sugary dough, though, had no effect on our horses as we descended down the mountain to our train, making our way back to Munich by late afternoon. A bit of hostel-based rest prepared us for another walk through Munich, where we had dinner at the undeniably cheesy yet entertaining Hofbräuhaus: while waters and Cokes are not the standard accompaniments to schnitzels and sausages, the meal still satisfied all. A late evening trek back to the hostel on our second night would normally signal the beginning of a long night of sleeping. However, Monday night’s Alabama-Georgia game was too exciting for students to miss. Unfortunately, a 6-hour time difference pushed kickoff to 2 AM: many students decided to set alarms to wake up and watch the game. While not entirely successful, this strategy did alllow many to get some sleep while also watching at least part of the game. Would the faculty be escorting sad, extremely sleep-deprived zombies around Munich? Tomorrow all will be revealed!

View from Neuschwanstein to the fog-shrouded valley below:

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  1. Diana Treadway

    Wonderful photos from Ludwig’s castle. I hope everyone who woke up at 2am enjoyed the exciting game. You might have to stop somewhere for a cup of coffee to keep them awake. Looking forward to the next post…

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