Day 7 – Exploring Muñoz

We had another successful morning at camp!  Pace kids taught the campers a secret handshake in circle and then got busy teaching the classes. Today’s activities included number bingo, clay creations inspired by “The Hungry Caterpillar,” and several fun vocab games. 

Once camp was over, our buddies joined us and we headed out for lunch and fun on the beach.Our next destination was Muñoz where we went to a batay which is a place where Haitians who cut sugar cane used to live. We teamed up with our buddies and some kids from the batay for a scavenger hunt. During the hunt, we got to really explore the batay and my team won!  There was lots of trash on the streets and throughout the village. The houses were little shacks with only one bed for families of 4 – 6. A resident of the batay taught us to make suk sou bon bons which are like donuts. They were delicious!  – Sydney Silverstein

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