Building day 2 and farming!

​We started off the day by going to the worksite, Chilamate Elementary School. First, we played an intense game off soccer with the school kids. Then we spilt up to work on cleaning up the playground, painting lines for the basketball court, painting equipment, and mixing cement for tetherball poles.
​Afterwards we went to an organic, sustainable farm. For lunch we had chicken, rice, beans, plantains, pasta salad, picadillo, and to drink we had strawberry juice and orchata. Don Daniel told us his story about how and why he started his organic, sustainable farm.


​After lunch we went to go have a tour of the farm. First we fed the pigs, and then we made compost. Next, we harvestedpeppercorn.

Then we all tried the peppercorn. It was so spicy!!!Will broke the peppercorn eating record. He ate 16!!! We harvested a bucketful. Afterwards we got to see Don Daniel’s vanilla plants. Finally, we went back and had a snack. For snack we had delicious pancakes and coffee or sugar cane water. Then we headed back to the eco-retreat for the night.


By: Matthew Wells, Morgan Goldstrom, and Reita Maguire



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