Day 3 Build and Ziplining!

Today we ate a delicious breakfast. We went to the Chilamate Elementary School, and it started off when they had recess, and I played soccer with most of the boys there. Then I started at the playground with Adger threading the rope through the wood holes so the little kids were safer on the play structure. I also picked weeds with Dhru and Charlotte then I swept the platforms on the playground with Dhru and Adger.

After we were done with work we had a popsicle party with the sixth graders at the school. The flavors were grape and tutti fruiti. We played with them. We played soccer, jump rope, and basketball. We headed back and have down time. After lunch we headed to the ziplining place. There we zipped through the rain forest and shopped in the store.
On the zip lines we went on trails and on wires. We were taught to break on the wires before we stopped and where to keep our hands and feet. Then the teachers ordered us up into a line that we would be going on to zipline. We went fast and slow. Also we got a little wet because of the rain, but it felt really good because we were hot. After we finished off in the rainforest for zip lining the teachers gave us a surprise by bringing us to an ice cream shop where there were many different flavors to chose from. I was especially thankful, because the teachers were kind enough to pay for every piece of ice cream that we had. I really enjoyed it.
By Clara Ellis, Reed Millner, and Dhru Lalaji


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