Day 7 – Dog sledding & crepes

Today’s blog is brought to you by the students themselves! Check out their quotes below!

“Today we got to head out dog sledding. We started out our morning with a bus ride, and then we met our tour guide Jade. We all mounted our sleds, led by three or four dogs and one person sat while the other “steered”, aka stepping onto brake pedal when need-be. It was surprisingly not freezing, and it was actually a lot of fun to be riding along the winding paths. I did, however, discover the struggle with breaking, but towards the end I eventually got the hang of it. Overall, dog sledding was lots of fun, and I loved seeing the puppies afterwards.” Olivia

“After a long bumpy bus ride, we arrived to see many happy huskies waiting for us. The dog sledding was very fun, even though our dogs kept getting tangled. Following the dog sledding, we went snow shoeing. We had to climb up a steep hill, to get to a great lookout overviewing the whole complex. It wasn’t much fun climbing up, but it was great at the top and on the way down. It was a day of new things, that I will never forget.” Rivers 

“Dog sledding has been my favorite planned activity so far. The best part was when we stopped and got to play with the dogs. The dog I was playing with was named Kawa and was extremely hyper and playful. When we finally tried to get back on the sled he jumped up and hugged me and brought me back. The worst part was when Shane thought he was in Tokyo Drift going around a slope bank and flipped us getting only me covered in snow.” George

“Today was one of my favorite days. The dog sledding was the best part because of the beautiful view we encountered through the woods. When it was over, we got to see the puppies and hold them which was very fun also.” Sam S.

“Today we went dog sledding through snow and forest. Me and Julian had our own sleigh being pulled by 3 dogs. Julian drove the sled first while I sat in the front. Later we alternated places and during our break we had cookies and hot chocolate. We were fortunate enough to not tip our sled unlike some other people. This was definitely the highlight of the day and my favorite part of our trip so far.” Bates 

“Our lunch today at the Sugar Shack was different…apparently, they have maple syrup at every meal! The lunch food was a very interesting combination of meat pie, sugar glazed sausages, pea soup, bread, home fries, a jello like drink, and a Quebec version of Chicharrons. Also, during lunch, we had a live performer and he had Sam and Steven go up in front of the whole room and perform with the spoons (wooden spoons that hit each other to make a loud noise). It was very entertaining and funny.” Lizzy 

“At lunch Steven and I got called up for making music with a spoon which was very funny to watch after it was over. We then went outside to eat iced maple syrup on a stick…or what they call “sugar on snow”! The man poured the syrup on a line of snow and we used popsicle sticks to pick it up. It was delicious!” Sam S.

“After lunch, we went snowshoeing up a hill to see a great view of the trails that the dogs took us on!” Shane

“After dog sledding and the sugar shack, Mrs.Hermosillo, Lizzy, Maggie, and I went on a walk around the upper part of Québec. All the people who chose not go on the walk missed a lot. There were many great views as we walked along.” Abby

“For dinner, we went to Billig Crêperie and ate a delicious dinner. We walked a short distance in the warmer-than-usual weather to the quaint and dim restaurant. We started our meal with savory crêpes of our choice. At my table, most of us ordered egg and cheese crêpes. They were delicious! Our entrée was paired with a small salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. After devouring our meal, we had sweet crêpes for dessert. I had a chocolate and whipped cream crêpe and it was wonderful! After filling our stomachs, we left the restaurant to head back to our hostel.” Sara

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