Day 6 – Quebec City, Ice Fishing & the Mega Parc

The Pace Quebec team had a very full day today! When we woke up, we saw Quebec City for the first time in the daylight. It is beautiful! In Montreal mostly everyone we met was bilingual, but in Quebec City there are far few English speakers. French culture is everywhere.  It feels like a quaint European town, but it still has the North American way of living prevalent throughout. Canadians are so kind!

We began the day with a scavenger hunt throughout Quebec City searching for historical monuments and sites. We stepped out of our hostel confident that at 25 degrees, we would be totally warm enough. After all, we had just ziplined at 1 degree weather. Oh, we were very wrong! It quickly began snowing and we forgot to take into account the wind chill from the St. Laurent River. Even with bitter winds, snow covered hair, and many falls on ice, we bravely finished the scavenger hunt. Woohoo! 

We then walked over to the Quebec City boardwalk for their staple toboggan ride. It was even colder than the scavenger hunt, but boy, it was fun! Madame Hermosillo definitely thought she was going to fly off the toboggan. We all screamed in delight, and had sore bottoms from the toboggan…a true Quebec experience. 😊

We ate lunch in downtown Quebec City, and then headed over to the frozen lake at the port to begin ice fishing. The frozen lake had dozens of igloos (they were blown up with air; a normal igloo would have collapsed the ice beneath). Each igloo had holes for ice fishing. We grabbed our mini chairs, fishing poles, and bait, took a seat by our fishing hole, and then dropped the line in. There was a ton of anticipation at the start, but we quickly realized this would not be an exciting endeavor.

A few of us got bites, but no one was able to catch a fish.  Some of us even took our fishing skills outside the igloos and broke down existing ice holes to see if we would have better luck. Ice fishing is TOUGH, and takes a ton of patience. Later in the day, we talked about how difficult it must have been for the Inuits and other tribes whose only food source was ice fishing. We all agreed that they had a lot more resilience than we do! 

We admitted defeat in the battle with the fish, and headed over to the Museum of Civilization for a warmer and more educational atmosphere. There were some very cool exhibits exploring optical illusions (see picture  of girls hanging from buildings below) and cats and dogs (see picture of Abby talking to a person dressed up as a dog). 😊

We then hopped on our school bus and headed over to the Mega Parc – the second largest indoor amusement park in North America. Madame Hermosillo bought us all unlimited rides, and for the next 2.5 hours, we exhausted ourselves with spinny rides, carousels, roller coasters, and more! We all had fun. 

We finished the day with group time writing in our journals about what we had experienced the past 48 hours – particularly reflecting on the role of patience in our travels and in what we are learning in Quebec. 

Tomorrow, we head off to go dog sledding! We are all very excited! Goodnight to all!

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