Day 4 – Mount Royal & Ziplining

We braved our second day in 5 degree weather today! As we were leaving the hostel this morning, we felt like pros at this cold weather stuff. I mean, who cares if you have to wear five pairs of pants?

We began the day with our Australian tour guide who led us on a hike up Mount Royal. “Montreal” was named after “Mount Royal”. In 1642, Maisonneuve planted a giant cross on the top of the mountain and prayed to the Virgin Mary to stop a flood…and Montreal was born! In order to preserve the historic and cultural meaning of the Mountain, government law says that no building in Montreal is able to be taller than Mount Royal. Very cool!

When we got to the top of Mount Royal, we found a beautiful view…and an ice covered area in front of the Chalet! Our tour guide says that typically groups just stand in the corner and look at the view, but our group was very different! They immediately hopped out on to the ice and began a game of ice soccer. At one point I heard Shane exclaim, “Guys…why do we make up games like this?!!”

After over an hour of playing on the ice (the kids could have gone a lot longer), we visited the infamous cross that Maisonneuve laid all those years ago. Turns out it had been redone in 1991 and now holds some pretty impressive LED lights! 

As we made our way down the other side of the mountain to our new destination, we ran in to a few obstacles. Many paths were shut down due to ice issues. We found an open path and quickly realized why so many other paths were shut down. It was one giant slab of ice and almost impossible not to fall down! Even Ms. Eckhardt wiped out! 

The kids had no fear, though. They said this was the most fun part of the trip so far. We resorted to sliding down on our bottoms. ​​

We survived sliding down the mountain and headed to our very Quebec lunch! We tried the classic Quebec food – poutine. This is French fries drowned in cheese curds and gravy. It was delicious…and unhealthy. 😊

Next up – we headed to the opposite side of town to do our second zip line in 24 hours! It was still under 10 degrees, but we all had fun and were amazed at seeing the port of Montreal from a great height.

Afterwards, we split up into groups to explore Old Montreal. Some of us went to spend time at the beautiful Cathedral of Notre Dame, while others went shopping through cobble stone streets and enjoyed the lovely cafes.

We ended the day by watching an IMAX movie on national parks. It was very impressive and felt like we were there!

Now we are home and packing up to head to Quebec City tomorrow. We can’t wait! But first, we go curling in the morning! Sending our love to ATL ❤

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