Day 3 – Animals, Escapes & Festivals

We began day 3 at subway stop Viau in the Olympic Village, visiting the 4 ecosystems of the Biodôme (and especially enjoying leaving our heavy jackets in a locker for a few moments to bask the balmy weather of the tropical rain forest). Making our way from tropical to the Laurentides of Quebec and eventually to the sub arctic, we were able to see capybaras (R.O.U.S), macaws, parrots, sloths, crocodiles, snakes, frogs, three lynx hunting and napping, bats, sharks and fish, penguins playing tag and many other animals in their natural habitats before suiting up again and heading through what seemed like our own Arctic tundra to cross the Village and see the Insectarium (thanks for the suggestion, Steven!). The Insectarium was full of giant and colorful jewel-like beetles, hundreds of butterflies, terrifying spiders, dangerous scorpions and other fascinating insects from all over the world. We ended our morning tour at the Botanical Garden with a brief stop at the temporary exhibit called Butterflies Go Free! We walked through a beautiful indoor garden full of captivatingly vibrant papillons flittering around our heads and occasionally landing on flowers, cut fruit, or lucky visitors.

Next up, was a quick subway trip for lunch in small groups on Boulevard Saint Laurent, also called “The Main”, and a session at Ezcapaz where we broke into three groups and then used teamwork and logic to solve three different sequences of puzzles to “escape the room”. The students impressed the chaperones with their cleverness and ability to collaborate to solve the problems at hand. Go Knights!

The day’s adventures continued as we headed to Bonaventure station for a warm-up with some indoor ice skating. Sam S., Bates and several others showed off their fine skating skills while others took to the ice for the first time and bravely completed their tentative laps around the rink.


Then it was back to the hostel to gather even MORE warm clothes (think intrepid arctic explorer) to face the winter festival Montréal en Lumière. We were planning to hit the Urban Winter Toboggan Run but there were too many people ahead of us so we instead queued up to do the Zipline high above the illuminated Place des Festivals. Despite the bitterly cold weather, we were prepared to have some fun!  


 ​We headed back home around 10:30 tonight, tired but looking forward to more Montréal adventures tomorrow! À demain!





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